Aw Snap! We are crappy programmers!

While I like a lot of things about Chrome, I most certainly do not like the hip-hop language message when if fucks up. Fuck you. You are writing software that will be used by people besides knappy-headed teenagers. Some of your users might even be fucking ADULTS. Wassup wit dat, G?

Haha! My husband panicked when he saw that come up. He thought we had a virus.

It seems to me that appealing to current culture, your likely audience, is pretty smart programming and that what is crappy is the old, bitter cuss that doesn’t undertand that.

I noticed that when Chrome came out and thought of the people with a not so tight grasp of English may have a problem understanding what’s going on.
For example using “Under the Hood” (or some such wording , I don’t use Chrome at home) instead of Options or Settings. For someone with a limited English vocabulary that may be confusing or plain indecipherable.

For quite some time on Google has been focusing more in looks and style rather than function. Well, as pretty much the whole of today’s software UI designers.


Shhhhhhh…it’s part of the effort to tilt the playing field toward English-language programmers…yo, right? Ixnay on the discussion please.

Aw Snap! We’re serious as cancer when we say your web browser has crashed…er.

I fell your pain…

Then again I’m not sure its worse than the aceptable english phrase “abort, retry, fail” cockteasing I endured thousands of time that never ever worked and I just had to turn the fucking computer off instead.

And get off my lawn you nappy headed little shits!

I don’t care - I just want to be able to turn off tooltips!!!

Please tell me some dancing paperclip thats dressed like it came from Portland doesnt show up at some point.

Is it now racist to refer to distinguishing physical characteristics of a particular race?

And get off his lawn too.

Don Imus got into a lot of trouble for referring to the Rutgers women’s basketball team as “nappy-headed hos.”

It’s racist to imply only black people can’t speak standard English.

The problem was with the “hos” part, I think.
Now I want to find a way to crash Chrome to find out what this is.

Fooh ohh fooh beyotch…

You don’t have to be old and bitter to understand “Zounds!” or “Egad!”, the more appropriate lexicon for an interjection reflecting software malfunctions.

If you ask nicely, I’m sure they can produce a special edition for you with an obscure error code implying user error on your part and an abstract notice to contact your administrator instead.

Agreed. But this has nothing to do with the nappiness of their hair.

You poor, humorless curmudgeon. I pity how sad your life must be that the phrasing of an error message irritates you so.