Awake canceled

Without the conspiracy the whole gimmick would start to seem stale. Maybe they could have gone slower with it if they’d gotten another season, but since it’s one and done, I’m glad they didn’t draw it out so much.

To give credit when due, that was Bryan Eckers. faithfool saw the conspiracy storyline coming, and I first worried that the denouement would be that he was dreaming both while in a coma and end with his death. I hope I’m wrong at least.

The concept had potential; the show, despite excellent acting, disappointed.

I know American TV doesn’t work this way, but I think “Awake” is a perfect example of a show that could be done really well if you you knew going in that it was only going to be one season and that’s it. I mean, I enjoyed watching it but always wondered how they were going to stretch it out for two or three seasons.

They did that with Day Break. Though it got cancelled halfway through, if you watch the entire series on DVD it’s clearly intended as a single season story.

I liked it more than I expected to and so did my hubby. I have long thought that the resolution will be along the lines of what ZOID suggests.

I liked the show, but the writing was on the wall very early. It never had very good ratings, and its eventual cancellation/non-renewal was predicted fairly soon after it debuted.

If he is the one dying, the show was a complete waste of time, and too many people called it after the first episode.

Then on the other side, there was that show on NBC a few summers ago… Persons Unknown? I think that was the name, where they were pushing it as if it was a done in one… then it ended on a huge cliffhanger and it became very obvious it was just an ongoing series they’d ordered but then decided before even airing that they weren’t going to renew (similar to what TNT did with the B5 spinoff, Crusade).

Persons Unknown pissed me off SO much. They teased at the end of each episode that by the season finale “All will be revealed.” and at the end of the season, all was not revealed. Not only were two episodes exiled to be viewed on line as they mostly cancelled it, (yeah I watched them on the web since I felt like I’d invested time and wanted to see the resolution) but it ended with many questions unanswered and a huge cliff hanger. They were back in the Hotel and when they managed to get out from their new entrapment they were on a Barge on the open sea.

I HATE YOU n.b.c.! You will not fool me again…

Will it be any less of a waste if he is not dying but both are dreams as defense against the true reality, that he had been driving drunk and both his wife and child were killed because of that?

I’ll watch the conclusion but I’m not expecting any satisfying reveal.

My thoughts exactly. That said, I bailed on it after two eps. To so quickly put his own son into jeopardy by having him kidnapped told me that they weren’t going to be able to go the distance.

Would somebody post the spoilerific conclusion here when it airs, please?

I’d post a spoilery synopsis if I had a better idea at what exactly happened.

Anyone else want to give it a shot?

And did they know they were cancelled before this episode was filmed, or was this originally intended to be a lead in to next season?

The final episode is tonight, correct? I can’t see how they’ll end this without something obvious, like he’s in a coma and will wake up to bust open the dirty cop scandal. And his wife and son are alive. That’s my way too obvious guess, anyway.

The final episode aired last night in Canada, but it’s tonight in the US. I enjoyed it; that’s all I’ll say for now until after it airs tonight.

What if he wakes up and realizes that both realities are the same dream? The season was just one long dream sequence. His wife is in bed with him, and his son is heard scampering off to school? Wouldn’t that be cool!

. . . and then he wakes up from that dream, and . . .

…and then the Nazi mutants burst in and kill his entire family:

I watched the finale, here’s my theory on what would’ve happened next:

Britton begins living three lives, one where his son is alive, one where his wife is alive (and he’s in prison), and the new one where his whole family is alive. That gives him a new problem. He spent so long resisting try to get rid of either reality, but now he wants to get rid of both of them to live in the “normal” world.

I heard an interesting idea: if the finale does have an “ending” to the story, then the producers are considering entering it in the Emmy Awards as a miniseries rather than as a dramatic series.

I liked it, but I’m a big softy