AWAKE is now the coolest religious mag ever!

Yeah, it’s the bi-weekly companion magazine to THE WATCHTOWER. That’s right- as in a Jehovah’s Witness publication. Anyway, I got the recent copy from their booth at the local fair & what should it have an article about- the history of beer, by a writer who appreciates a good brew. They avoid holidays, tobacco, politics & lotsa other stuff, but alcohol is A-OK with them! (In moderation, of course).

I just thought that was pretty neat- the only thing that’ll top that is when I read a religious magazine that has an article about marital relations recommending oral.

(Of course, I was happy when my own denom’s mag had an article which conceded that good C’tians can differ about HARRY POTTER.)

No offense, but this thread has got to be one of the lamest threads in the history of the SDMB. This is less cool than a cast reunion of Growing Pains, with Gary Coleman as the guest speaker. This thread is like Ned Flanders’ uncool cousin.

If you’ll excuse me, I have to go review the minutes from last week’s meeting of the Tri-County Area Fungicidal Cream Hobbyist Committee.

[sub]I am in touch with my inner smartass.[/sub]

What does it tell us that the OP is pleasantly surprised that a religious magazine is not boring?


At least tho I did put it in The Mundane Pointless Stuff category!

Hmmm- shoulda put it in Great Debates! :smiley: