okay, this is more of a trivia thing, but I’m still curious.
I was reading something on actress Rita Moreno and how she was erroneously credited as being the first entertainer to win an Oscar, an Emmy, a Tony and a Grammy. The honor actually goes to Helen Hayes (many people argue that it’s Barbara Streisand, though Streisand didn’t actually “win” a Tony she earned an award for Star of the Decade).
These three remarkable women have done well for themselves kudos-wise (Babs takes the cake on the amount of major awards won, some 15+), but only Moreno has received those 4 PLUS won a Golden Globe and a Golden Laurel strictly in a competitive sense.
Now comes my question:

Has any MAN ever won all 6 awards? If so, who was the first (or maybe the only, I don’t know). This makes it a little tough as they stopped giving Laurels out around 1970.

I don’t know the answer and nobody wins a kwepie if they can tell me, but I’d still like to know.

Mike Nichols, John Gielgud, Marvin Hamlisch, and Mel Brooks have all won an Oscar, Emmy, Grammy and Tony in competitive categories.

Gene Autry has 5 stars on Hollywoods Walk of Stars - one each for film, television, song, live performance and radio.

Have any of them won a Golden Globe and a Golden Laurel?

Looks like Mike Nichols has that honor AND he won an American Comedy Award, a BAFTA, & a DGA


Thanks for your help!!

Mike Nichols won a Golden Globe and two Golden Laurels. John Gielgud and Marvin Hamlisch both won Golden Globes.

Here are Mr Nichols awards.