Awesome acoustic guitar player

I posted this guy on Skips board awhile back.

Andy Mckee

Feel free to add your own awesome acoustic guitar player.:slight_smile:

Chris Smither, hands down.

Probably not the best quality (I’m trying to find examples of music videos on a computer with no speakers at the moment -_-), but the man’s never put out anything that was less than brilliant. Train Home, Winsome Smile, Caveman, Thanks to You, and Small Revelations are my personal favorites.

Guitar skillage aside, he also has one of the most weathered, character-ful (If that’s not a word, it oughta be), painfully beautiful male voices I’ve ever heard.

'kay, done gushing now. :wink:

HOLY SMOKES!!! Thats good stuff.

This is cool.

Richard Thompson - 1952 Vincent Black Lightning

John Fahey.


This has been around for a while now, but it’s still nifty…


Here is John Butler.

And then there is this guy.

Accoustic Guitar?

Michael Hedges with harp guitar -Because it’s There

Michael Hedges - Ragamuffin - poor video - note the humor though - he was like this at every concert. The recorded version is better BTW.

Michael Kelsey - Further down the Road

I’m posting on a computer with no speakers this week, so I can’t preview any suggestions, but if you search Jeff Linsky, you will be well-rewarded.

Hey! I’m usually the guy who gushes over Smither here.

He’s also one of the most personable, engaging performers I’ve ever had the pleasure of seeing live, and a hell of a nice guy.

I got his CD. It’s solid.
Airtap! By Eric Mongrain

IMHO, you really can’t beat the original.