Awesome game (not for the faint of heart)

Check out this game:

be sure to right click and hit “zoom in”

This really puts statistics and probability in whole new light!

Sick sick sick sick sick.

But wierd. . .
I’ve won a few times already.

the weirdest part is how tense you get when you’re playing it.

Sorry Metalhead, I think it sucks. The gimp sits there forever doing nothing. I want more action, dammit.

If, however, you are faint of heart, try this instead. Many things to do, to figure out, to enjoy watching.

Wow, made it through 10 cycles before the payoff happened.

Won on the second round. Pretty nasty results. Gimp got all over my good shirt!

I made it thru like 8 or 9 the first time I played. When I finally took one in the head I damn near jumped outta my chair.

Harold- that link is really cool. Does anyone who’s played it understand? I only understand how to do a few of the game thingers.

Gimp 10
You 9

Dabnabbit. I lost.

Sweet, I won on the first try! 3-3!

And on the secnd try, the Gimp killed himself with the first shot!

On the first try, the Gimp lost. 4-3.

On the second try, the Gimp lost on the first shot.

On the third try, I lost, 6-5.

Creepy game.

So, ah, is there any benefit to not spinning the chamber?

Jesus, Metalhead, I did get tense while playing. I’m sending this link to everyone. I must spread anxiety throughout the web!

I dunno. I guess it’s like this, on every consecutive trigger pull, the odds get bigger that you’re gonna get it. Spinning the chamber randomizes the odds again, setting it back to 1/6. Which is as good ad it gets. BUT, still shitty. I spin every time, on the theory that I’m gonna go for the best odds I can get.

Maybe that’s statistically sound, but it doesn’t seem to help me win games. I’m sure if I played several thousand it might.

Unfortunately, IRL you just get that one try.

Well I guess I learned today not to play such games as I can only win if he gets it on the first shot.

That vectorpark made no sense to me.

Survived 12 cycles, then gimp got it.
He didn’t spin after 2 previous trigger pulls. Went for the 1/4, and lost! Brave (stupid) bastard.

To enhance the experience, right click and hit zoom in

Damn, I got a gimp with a deathwish.

I’ve played four times and each time he’s offed himself in the first go.