Awesome Panorama from 1WTC

The kids at Gigapanhave done it again…

A short “making of” video is here, and there’s a link on the page to Time’s website where you can see and interact with the panoramic image.

I climb towers to replace antennas on occasion, but my hat is off to these guys for getting to the top and making this happen. This was not easy for “regular” guys to pull off.
Very cool.

Gee, NYC sure has changed since my last visit there.

I thought you sold travel?

Yeah, looks almost French.
Edit: when I clicked the link I got Marseille. This time I got Kavala in Greece. You get a random pano on the homepage.

I can’t even find the WTC pano using the search function. Can we get a link?

And were 300lb?

One thing that strikes me is that there is so much red in that shot. I’ve always thought of NYC as pretty much gray but this is probably from seeing it so often in older pictures that are either black and white or have faded colors.

OK, I completely missed the Time link. That is a cool pic. I just found the hotel where I stayed on my honeymoon. :slight_smile:

I thought you were a retired cop and now a security guard. Who is letting you climg towers? That’s a pretty dangerous job for unexperienced people.

How do you know what city it is? Like, do you just know because you’re super-cool and can recognize Kavala, Greece by the skyline or is it listed somewhere and I’m just not seeing it?

In the grey bar under the pano. E.g. I just clicked and it says:

I’d think tactical pants wouldn’t be great for climbing towers.

You’d be done in no time.

OK, I’m dumb. where do we click to interact with the panorama? Is there a direct link that just takes me to the shot?

Its a pretty picture when you slow down how it pans. You can’t see w/i 20 degrees of my house, however as the building is in the way, but those folks in Queens, Brooklyn. Staten Island, and Long Island will be very pleased with themselves.

(…I mean more so…)

That’s it. You’re done in no time.

I’m impressed. It’s like having one of those CSI “enhance” buttons that actually works.

At one point I accidentally got it spinning and it almost made me dizzy!

Peter… Peter! Peter, come closer.
I can see your house from here.

I owned travel agencies for many years. I sold the last one in 1996.

I still am, sadly.

I’m retired. Owned a security company for a while, though.
Having one job does not exclude a person from having hobbies or other jobs.

Two of my hobbies are rock climbing and amateur radio. On occasion, the local repeater antennas need repair or replacement. Not being afraid of heights is an advantage, so I volunteer whenever a climb is needed. Been doing since 1980, so I’m not sure how much more experience you think I need.

As always, if you don’t know what you’re talking about, perhaps you should refrain from making smart-ass comments.