Awesomely simple graphic shows map projections distortions

From 1921!

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I’d love to see this done with some other projections, and with lighter “lat/long” lines.

It’s fun for me, a cartophile
To see these heads that maps defile
But spare a thought for Christian Slater
His bonce was drawn by G Mercator.

wild applause

I think they are starting with a 2D picture, using one projection to map it onto a sphere, and then using a different projection to map it to a 2D picture again. So it exaggerates the distortion.

The Tissot Indicatrix does a much better job at showing the distortion.

What’s Jay Leno doing there?


Why is it impossible to buy an interrupted homolosine wall map, anyway? Is a goode map too much to ask for?

Some of you may enjoy playing with Flex Projector.