Awright, *what* states have you been in?

Since in the other poll about how many states people had been in, people shared which states, I thought it would be fun to enumerate the states people have been to.

Again, the rule for ‘been in’ a state is your foot or shoe-with-foot-in-it is on the ground in the state, outside of an airport. Driving without stopping, riding without stopping and getting out, does not count.

For this thread, DC counts as a state, since so many people in the other thread mentioned it.

Now let’s find who is the least loved state in the union!*
*Delaware, obviously, but let’s play along.

I’ve probably been in a rest stop in Delaware while driving elsewhere, but I can’t remember for sure… it seems silly to count that sort of thing. So I didn’t.

(Oh, fuck, I just realized I forgot to put Nevada. And you can’t revote on these things, can you? Oh well…)

Shouldn’t the title of the thread be “which states”? And I do mean this question sincerely not in a subtle underhanded insinuation that I’m better at grammar nuances.

Three states that I didn’t tick:

  • Alaska – I’ve flown over Alaska twice, between Detroit and Osaka. Of course, I’ve flown over other states, but Alaska is a bit out of the way.
  • Delaware – I’ve been through Delaware by bus and by train many times, but never set foot it it.
  • Hawaii – my closest contact is being in a plane on the ground at Honolulu Airport, on a plane making an unscheduled stop between Los Angeles and Sydney because all the toilets on the plane were out of order.

I ticked Hawaii on the basis of having spent a couple hours at the airport there. I now realise that I didn’t read the OP closely enough.

Adding Hawaii in about 6 weeks …

What exactly is in North Dakota? It’s not nearly as remote as Alaska, but each has had 7 visitors.

Is there any particular tourist destination there that would draw people?

Wow, this is more than I realized. Huh.

EDIT: voted.

I’m surprised N. Dakota is so low as this is probably the state I’ve been to the most (Minnesota a close second) but then I do live in Winnipeg and my sister’s house is a mere 300 feet from the place where N. Dakota, Minnesota and Manitoba meet. (Being the geek I am I had the urge to stand on the exact spot when I went to her place once, and did (in the winter of coruse, as the spot is in the middle of a river.)

And, being the Doper (in this poll anyways) who more than likely has been to N. Dak the most, I can say … you’re right, there isn’t much there. Except that, for Winnipeggers, it’s really the closest US cities of any size to us (Fargo and Grand Forks are about 5 and 3 hours away, respectively, Minneapolis is 8 hours).

We’re taking a trip this summer in which I hope to tick off several more states - including New York State, a state I’ve only seen (at Niagara Falls,a s part of it is in New York, but I was on the Canadian side looking at it), but never set foot in.

I’m honestly surprised Alaska has the lowest number. I would have expected…well, maybe Alabama or something. :stuck_out_tongue:

Edit…thanks for listing out the states. I discovered that I was low on my last count by a few; forgot about New York and North Dakota!

In my case, it was the fact that my maternal grandparents lived there for several years, and my family visited them when I was in high school. Before they moved to the Flickertail State, Grandpa (a minister) and Grandma had lived on Manhattan Island, which has almost thrice as many people in 1/3000 of the area of North Dakota.

Here are my weakest states, but they count:

Illinois - a gas station stop outside of Chicago
Wisconsin - stopped at a Cracker Barrel for lunch
Georgia - got lunch at a Subway near Brunswick

No plans on adding states anytime soon.

none of the above

DCI drum & bugle corps gets you around a bit :smiley:

Seems a bit arbitrary. We use the rule that you have to have peed there, preferably directly on the ground. I think sleeping there would also be a better test (and probably eliminate a good chunk of my list. Driving from Michigan to Florida and getting out of the car to get a cup of coffee is not much better than sitting in an airport.

I’m willing to bet that I’ve been there more than you have, and that others have been than more than I. I spent about 6 weeks a year with my grandparents for about 10 years, and I went to NDSU for a year. :D. Outside of family history, there isn’t much there, except for the wind and open air. (My wife was freaked out by “how close the sky was” when she visited the farm with us one year).

I’m irritated, I missed including Mississippi. I went to tech school at Kessler, and I spent some time there on a trip with my church growing up. Oh well.

I’m not surprised that New York and Florida rank so high. But Pennsylvania?

What is the board, mostly Amish?

Pennsylvania is a big state, with two large cities (Pittsburgh and Philadelphia). The Amish parts, though popular to visit, are a relatively small part of the whole state.

No love for the Dakotas. I can’t say I’m surprised; I’ve been to every state that borders them, but never stepped foot in either one.

I’m weakest in the southwest (NM-CO-UT-NV-WY) but at least I had a business meeting in Phoenix last year to pick up AZ.