Axe Shower tool/Gillette shower tool...worth getting?

While at work yesterday I noticed that an Axe starter pack thing was on clearance, and the pack included the famed “Axe shower tool”. For those not in the know the shower tool is a two part helper that one side is a loofah, and the other is a coarse exfoliater type thing. There’s a part of me that’s always wanted to get one but never felt it was worth the money. Is there anyone who has one/uses one and can say whether it works?

Is that the product that cleans your balls?

Haha yes that’s the one.

I don’t have one, but I own a regular loofah and I’d imagine it’s worth trying out–especially if you just use bar soap right now. I’m female but a little exfoliating is a great thing for guys OR girls. I found it online for only $4.39 though, maybe it’d be cheaper to buy it here than in a gift pack: (there are reviews there too if you were still undecided about getting one)

Unless you want the shower gel too, then buy the package you saw.

The thing that I would buy has body wash and the tool for 2.66, so it’s quite cheaper than that. I also currently use a body wash…but does a loofah actually help or do anything that my hands wouldn’t?

I’m quite curious since I (obviously) don’t use one and the thought intrigues me.

Yes a loofah will foam up the bath gel, and also exfoliate your skin.

My roommate uses Axe and a loofah. It grosses me the fuck out because he hasn’t changed or washed his loofah in like a year and a half, even though I gave him a lecture about how it sits around collecting germs all day.

Why don’t you just spend like $1 and get a loofah from the drugstore? Or the dollar store? You don’t need anything fancy, just the cheapest one. It’s just some plastic mesh tied together with a string.

Your skin will feel smoother.

I think that a washcloth and loofah will do everything that this tool could. And be more washable, too. I have a couple pairs of shower mitts that get thrown in with the rest of the towels and washcloths every week. Exfoliation feels great. Getting someone else to exfoliate you feels even better.

I’ve been using the Axe tool for a long time now (on about my third one). I will say that they seem to be better constructed than the 88 cent ones you see at Wal-Mart, in that they don’t fall apart after a month, so they’ve got that going for them.

And it’s comforting to know that I have that scrubber, whenever I need to scrub the candle wax out of my chest hair.

Which happens never. snif.

You use much less shower gel with a loofah than without one. Just a small squeeze and it foams up for your entire body. If you’re apply gel with your hands you will need to use more of it for the same amount of coverage.

For less than 3 bucks sure, I’d buy it.

Axe? Any of their products?
PT Barnum was right.

My GF breaks my balls because I don’t use a washcloth, much less an oompa loompa or whatever. Is it really necessary to remove layers of skin when taking a “normal” shower? I can see using a brush or cloth if you’ve got grease or something on you that won’t come off easily but everyday stench? I thought that was what soap was for.