Ayer Canadá, hoy España: Spanish parliament passes same-sex marriage

Well, this fits in nicely with my retirement plans.

Who do you think is going to be next?

I’m going to go out on a limb and guess that it won’t be the United States. But other than that I have very little idea.

Good for Spain.

Now the gays can get married in Spain?
I Blame Canada!

Blame Canada!
Blame Canada!
With their same-sex marriage crap
and their dumb toboggan caps!
Blame Canada!
Blame Ca-na-daaaaa!
They’re not even a real country anyway!

All right! I had one person a couple of months ago (from South Carolina) think toboggans were worn on the head, so I browsed through several on-line dictionaries before I managed to find one that did mention that meaning, and now you’re the second person that refers to toboggans in that fashion. Is that actually a common meaning in the US?

PS Judging from the first person I spoke to, I think you mean a toque. :slight_smile:

You might find this thread helpful, Canadjun. It’s an OP I posted nine months ago on the same topic.

Oops! Guess I should have searched first. But nonetheless it is quite amusing to this Canadian to hear somebody talking about wearing a long flat piece of wood with a curved front on their head. It must be uncomfortable! :smiley:

Nobody expects the Spanish… say what? I haven’t followed the Spanish news very carefully lately. All I know is the uproar over eliminating Humanities in schools, but this, this comes as a shock. A country with a history of extreme Catholicism (and responsible for the millions of doofuses here in latinamerica) does this? Maybe I’ve been watching too much American T.V.

I did mean toque, but toque didn’t scan and there was this perfectly serviceable US usage out there…

Not only that, but IIRC the current government campaigned on the issue, promising to make it a priority if elected. Can you imagine a single politician in the US or most other countries campaigning on marriage equlaity, let alone an entire government?

Properly speaking, a toque is a chef’s hat; the Canadian wool hat is a tuque (for example, the town of La Tuque, Quebec). The words are actually from different origins.

There’s an Irish case going to the European court of Human Rights about ireland not recognising the marriage of a Canadian/Irish lesbian couple. The Irish government is using economics as a defence, claiming that the social benefits and tax relief would cost the state too much! Which is a damn stupid argument and i hope it gets shot down.

The UK is going to have Civil Unions soon, most people just don’t realise it, because it’s such a non-issue.

So that’s France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Spain and Scandinavia…Germany next?

There were two greatly refreshing things about this:

First that a country that was so staunchinly Catholic and conservative has evolved into an almost-paradise of equality. ¡Viva España!

The other is that while I watched the news on RAE, and the wonderful speech by their Prime Minister, they also showed people who protested in various places citing the same bullcrap that our own Catholic church here go around spreading. It made me feel like our country is a little less backwards.

An added bonus is that Spain pissed off Pope Ben. Damn heathens need Torquemada again. :wink:

Congrats to Spain and Canada for doubling the number of countries that fully accept gay marriage (rather than civil unions) in just a week! Yay!