B1 Bomber: The Vitamin Capsule. Tried It?

What do you think? Does it work for you? I just heard a radio interview with Dr. Michael Plinkus who developed it, and so I went to his website. He wants $86.00 for 4 bottles of 60 capsules each. Dosage is 2 before bed. Money back after 30 days trial.

I spend a lot of my money on supplements, so before I plunk down 86 bucks of my hard-earned paycheck, I’d like to know it’s gonna work, and y’all have always shot straight when it comes to stuff like this, so I would really like to hear from ya’.



If there was ever a thread title that would throw me all sorts of off kilter. . .

Got me, but I do know that a B-1 Bomber looks like a huge flying dachsund with wings.

And them fucker’s are noisy too. . .

Er, I have no idea what effects Dr. Plinkus (doesn’t that sound like a mad scientist from a kids’ movie?) says B-1 has, but I will say I took massive doses of it when I was a teen. If it’s weight control, then no way- I’ve been heavy all my life, and that certainly didn’t change anything. The reason I -was- taking it, however, is sort of odd; I used to get -devoured- by mosquitoes every summer. Hundreds of nasty itchy bites. Apparently, mass doses of b-1 make your sweat smell subtly different. I took that, the mosquitoes stopped seeing me as a target alltogether. Weird, but true.

I don’t have an opinion to offer, but there are plenty of folks who do. They aren’t positive. You might want to check out quackwatch which is normally pretty good for medical frauds.

Just a pov, pay no attention to it if it suits; you don’t think avoiding the profit-making, pill-popping culture by having a nutritionally balanced diet might be the answer ?

I mean, that is all we generally need, a balanced diet. Unless you have something specifically wrong, the rest is . . . marketing that preys on the individual.

Dr Pinkus is so “good”, that the above link takes you his very own quack page.

A balanced diet? Well, I’m on a diet right now and doing fairly well on it. The supplements I mentioned in the OP are basically for bone strength and to help keep my immune system strong. I can list them all if y’all wish, but if you’re totally against their use, I don’t suppose that would benefit me, but I appreciate your answer, and I do agree on your point: We canget the vitamins we need by eating the right foods.

Also looks like I mispelled the guy’s name: It’s Pinkus, not the way I spelled it.

Tripler: Those were some very cool pics of the real B1! :smiley: