Please help! Would someone please explain to me what the following means:


Another version of it is:

B4I4QRU Over 18

Thank you for your help

Before I fuck you, are you 18, cutie-pie?

Before I fuck you are you over 18, cutie-pie.

Now, you know that says “before I fork you…” Get it right.


Whatever happened to a little spooning first?

I think this shows we’ve finally reached the limits of textspeak’s power to pack more meaning in the same amount of text, thus improving communication.

Why not just say “ru18?” If she’s down with it, it’s not necessary to explain why you’re asking, and it’s pretty tacky. And if she’s not, you left no doubt about your intentions.

I guess it’s a fool that looks for logic in matters of love.

I’m pretty sure this isn’t used in earnest. Especially the one with the Pi symbol, as it would take more work to put that in than to just type it out.

It means:

Before we have 14 k of g, can we g in a f p d?

It’s nice of you guys to be so welcoming to the new member, but could you answer her question first?

There’s a bit on this already in 2002 from the movie Ali G Indahouse.


Spooning is usually after forking. :stuck_out_tongue:

And then comes the knifing.

IANAserial killer.

I see you’ve played knifey-spooney before.

I had to look that one up…

Bolding mine. It seems you’ve misspelled “lust”.