Ba-dee-ya, Rantin' in September (monthly mini rants)

My first mini rant of September is about my uninterruptable power supply (UPS). It does its job pretty well, when I have minor power outages my PC stays on (my main computer is a desktop I built). It also has a nice feature where it sends an email to inform me of power events, such as the power going out and having to be on battery, needing to shut down, errors, and so on.

Lately it has been spamming me multiple times a day to say, “Battery capacity is normal.” That’s it. I’ll get that anywhere from a couple times to a half a dozen times a day. I’ve Googled the issue (it is a CyberPower UPS) and I can’t find anything about it. I ran a self-test and it passed.

Maybe it’s just lonely and wants me to remember it exists. If so, just send one a week or whatever, sheesh.

Why do I wake up during the night? I don’t have to use the bathroom! Its always about 5 hours after I go to sleep.

I’ve got a cold :frowning:

Evolution? Look into “biphasic sleep” (randomish link) - there is a theory/evidence that that is ‘normal’ for humans prior to artificial light.

Throw another log on the fire, bonk your partner (if both are willing), fall back asleep.

FUCKING HELL why are mailbox brackets so expensive??? :rage: I managed to clip the mailbox with the Jeep’s rear passenger side door handle this morning (such talent!), and sheared the cast aluminum mounting bracket off. I think the mailbox itself is fine, but the cheapest replacement bracket I can find is ~$50, I don’t think I can have it here before I leave on vacation, and I don’t particularly like how it looks. I’ve got some stuff in the garage to temporarily fix it, but geez. >:(

On the plus side, the Jeep only has a little scuff on the plastic handle, and the paint doesn’t appear to be badly scratched, although there are a couple of marks that need to be buffed.

Ran into Maganut yesterday. Did you know getting booster shots makes you sick? He was massaging some woman who’d had the shots and the next day he got sick! Not with covid, of course. So…don’t massage anyone whos had their shots.:exploding_head:

I’m tired of walking on eggshells around a colleague. This person doesn’t get along with most people at work. They also save emails, texts and documents (or records?) each conversation and uses those with HR if they feel discriminated or harassed, with edits of the convos. Toxic and untrustworthy! I feel better, thank you.

Just had two political flyers dropped on my porch. The county jailer candidate espouses “conservative Christian values”. The incumbent state representative is not only a community “faith leader” and a “life-long Christian Conservative”, but also sponsored a successful bill “that made the abuse of a family pet a domestic violence charge when coercing a family member”. I don’t want to know the details of the crime that inspired that bill. :grimacing:

I will vote in November, but strongly suspect there’ll be no one on the ballot to support.

I do the same - having recently had to shift my sleep cycle by several hours due to a new job, it was interesting to note that my “bio break” shifted forward accordingly.

I don’t necessarily wake up to potty - sometimes I’m hungry, sometimes I’m thirsty, sometimes I’m just … fucking awake.

I get a snack, surf the 'Dope, have a smoke, drink some water or Gatorade or whatever.

I sleep much better now that I’ve accepted that I have a deeply ingrained bi-phasic sleep, rather than anxiously lying in bed, going, “Okay, I need to fall back asleeeeeep … NOW!” Cuz that never works.

I swear I read “shift” as something else and thought you had a serious issue on your hands there.

I’ve been told by a reliable source – though I have no authoritative cite – that polyphasic sleep patterns are frequently associated with aging. It’s certainly true for me, though being retired and having no regular schedule, I’m fine with it.

What it means in practice is that, while having no difficulty at all getting to sleep, my sleep cycles tend to be short. Sometimes I get back to sleep fairly quickly, other times I’ll pick up the tablet or the kindle and watch a movie or read a book for a while. If I had to get up for work in the morning it could be a major issue, but as it is, I just get to enjoy a super-quiet interlude or two of pretty much absolute silence in the middle of the night. Sometimes I’ll even get out of bed and make myself a snack or a martini and just soak in the blissful silence.

Did I mention that I’ve always been a nighthawk? I’ve somehow managed to have an entire career where I’ve never showed up for work on any kind of schedule. It was generally understood that I was not likely to be seen much before noon.

I’m going to put on my old fart hat and submit this:

Even though I am an IT person, you know what new development I hate? The trend to force people to use their phones for event tickets.

For one, my husband doesn’t carry a phone, and if the venue is someplace like our hockey arena, which requires you to show your ticket to get back into your section, it’s a giant pain in the ass because that means during intermissions, either I have to go with him when he wants to go to the restroom or get a beer, or give him my phone and stay put until he gets back.

And it seems every venue has their own method of making the tickets available.

Sometimes all you need to do is open your email and the QR code is there in the receipt they send.
Sometimes you have to log in to your account with the venue.
Sometimes they force to you download the Ticketba$tard app.
Sometimes you have to save it to your phone in some way - they’ll text you the tickets and they’re in your text messages. Or maybe they’ll make you save them to your ‘wallet’ - either GPay or I guess Apple Pay if you have an iPhone.

It used to be I could put the tickets in my purse and be done with it. Now I have to work out how to access the frigging things and make sure it works before we leave the house! And what happens if your phone dies and you can’t access them?

Either y’all ticket people need to choose ONE WAY to do this or just let us print them and be done with it.

I was having trouble sleeping through the night and my doctor gave me a prescription for gabapentin and also recommended 1mg melatonin. Sometimes it works, but often I still wake up an hour or two after falling asleep. I usually don’t have too much trouble falling asleep again, but occasionally it seems like I spend half the night waking up and laying there trying to sleep.

I like having it as an option but I agree that making it mandatory is bad for your customers.

I 100% agree with this rant. I could not deal with such a ticketing system. I have a “smartphone” only because that’s the only kind of phone available in my carrier’s network, and was free. I don’t have a data plan. I use the phone for the purpose of making and receiving phone calls (see “telephone” in the dictionary). I can send and receive text messages, but I cannot receive text messages with attachments, because that uses the “data” bandwidth that I don’t have. I save a fortune by having a minimalist cell phone subscription that serves all the needs I really have.

I have no problem with e-ticketing which is pretty much universal now, but the way to do that is to send the damn tickets as a PDF via email. You can then either print them out with their associated barcode or QR code, or if you want to be a smartass with a smartphone, display it on your phone. But any service that assumes that everybody and his dog has a smartphone with a data plan – and offers no other option – is asinine.

So I open the barbecue for a late-night BBQ, and notice something moving down by the burners. I look more closely and the beady little eyes of a field mouse are staring back at me. Finding a goddam rodent in the BBQ is not my idea of fun. It didn’t seem anxious to leave, either.

The obvious way to convince it to leave is to light the BBQ, but (a) I didn’t want it running into the house so I had to move the unit so I could close the door before lighting, and (b) it has to be done carefully because I don’t fancy the odour of barbecued rat with my dinner. I want it out, not fried.

I finally ended up lighting just the front burner, and I think by that time it had already gone. But I need to wait awhile because I’ve lost my appetite. I’ll be mighty pissed if it comes back. There is occasionally a neighbourhood cat that I see on patrol, walking the fence, but just like cops, there’s never a cat around when you need one.

Wish I could lend you my junior cat (I would of course want him back). He’s a good enough hunter to catch flies and even dragonflies.

Well, thanks for the kind thought, anyway. Lacking a cat of my own, and in the absence of adequate cat patrols in my back yard, which are not very frequent, probably due to lack of cat-police funding, I may have to resort to my own measures if this happens again. Like placing mousetraps in and/or under the barbecue. Unfortunately I would then have to deal with that age-old problem: Disposing of the Body. Also, since I’m often barefoot when shoving the barbecue around on the deck, the most likely victim of the mousetrap might be my toe.

Intercourse Ticketmaster.

I was trying to get a ticket for the Roxy Music concert in Philly on the 15th. OK fine they want to ensure authentication and such and so on, so had to enter a confirmation code from my email. I then chose the ticket and hit the “place order” button.

On a site like Amazon once you do that the purchase is officially made and locked in.

On Ticketmaster they insisted that I verify the purchase one last time via my phone, so yet another code had to be entered…

When I did so I got this cheekily annoying popup message which said “Oops! Something went wrong! Don’t worry it is us not you!”

I then looked, in vain, for a way to re-enter my code, to absolutely no avail. I THEN went to see my ticket.

It wasn’t there. ??!??!?

After 2 days of back and forth with a Tm rep, turns out their system had no record of the purchase.

I’ll be calling my credit card company tomorrow morning to check to see if the charge went through. If it did I’ll be back in this thread throwing various fragile objects off the walls in my rage.

I’ll be getting my (actual) ticket through another merchant. Echo & the Bunnymen will be in town the following night too.

I love them. The Killing Moon is such an awesome song.