Babies and airplane turbulence

I’m pretty sure you can only put the carseat in the window seat.

Which incidentally was the argument which used to be made against seatbelts, that it could be better to not be belted in, and a person would be thrown free and clear from the vehicle. :eek:

FWIW, we’ve flown with our kids when they were babies. They can clear their ears by drinking and this is one of the recommended methods for take off and landings.

Isn’t the damage from shaking babies also due to the frequency? If you shake them at “resonant frequency”, it’ll put more stress on their neck and brain. Turbulence can’t reach such high frequencies.

There seems to be a slight disconnect here. It seems that on domestic flights in the US babies are expected to be on your lap with no restraint, however on international flights and on domestic flights in Australia and presumably other countries, babies are expected to be on your laps and restrained by a seat belt extension. Some of you are expressing disbelief at others having the baby on their laps but are missing the point that these babies are restrained by a seatbelt extension.

No, but it can make the kid hit the ceiling. A few years ago, there were several people wounded (broken bones) from a bad landing of an Iberia flight, I think in Bolivia; the wounded passengers had not been wearing seatbelts and some of them had been sort of hopping up and down from their seated position, as if looking over the other passenger’s heads was going to show them what was in front of the plane. The video from inside the plane was quite spectacular: the complaints ceased as soon as it was released. I’ve searched for it and can’t find it, though.

But that produces injuries different from shaking.

Yes, you may be right. I mean, she may have had the baby in the extension too and I may have missed it.

On a slightly different note, on the way back I rode in a short hop from Newark to Albany. There was a baby and you could visibly see some people’s groans…and this baby smiled every second of the way back, laughed, cooed, and was just utterly adorable. I was waving at her from my seat a few seats back.

On the way out, we had a crying baby.

Why do some babies cry and some don’t mind?

It’s because different countries’ airlines have different regulations. US and Canadian based airlines do not allow babies to be restrained using a belt extension. This is because of research showing that babies restrained in this manner are no less likely to be injured (squished between the holding adult and the belt) in a “sudden deceleratation” type accident. EU airlines require them to prevent babies from flying around and injuring other passengers.

I’m talking about specific quotes in this thread where one poster says they had a baby on their lap with a seatbelt and another poster misses the fact that the baby had a seatbelt. (RickG responding to njtt.)

I don’t see how the baby can be squished between the adult and the belt, the baby has their own belt that attaches to the adult’s belt, it is not just one belt holding them both.

Still can kill a baby. I would say that falls under “harm to the baby”. From the OP, underline mine: