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Campo di Oro, Germany

While visiting this Black Forrest mecca, be sure to stay for the community auction.
On the fifth Saturday of every month, you can be sure to walk away with a prize for mere pennies.

At a typical auction, you can find goods such as:
[li]the petrified foot of Hans.[/li][li]a beautiful urn filled with cigar ash.[/li][li]a collection of humus spoons, depicting the rise and fall of the ottoman empire.[/li][li] a hand carved statue of Bernie Lazlox.[/li][/ul]
Really, you’ll just never know what you will find!

The picturesque auction house is built in the traditonal bavarian adobe style. There are plenty of photo ops by the statue of the golden eel, which is believed to bring you good luck when you rub its tongue.

While in Campo di Oro, be sure to stay at the Inn of the Schmaltendeinggers. They serve their world famous fried pickled udders for dinner - but don’t be late. These crispy golden treats disapear fast!

The rooms are decorated in a Miami Vice theme, complete with lifesize cardboard cut-outs of Crockett and Tubbs in every room. The ‘cocaine’ coffee table is sure to delight all! truly, it is a unforgetable site.

Fall of 2003 will bring the opening of the smuggler’s playland. Be sure to make reservations early. This is a guaranteed sell out.

Campo di Oro is fun for all ages.

Baboon’s Official Travel Guide for the not so meek rates this destination 4 stars.

Please tell me that this is for real.

Submitted for your approval…

Goider-upon-Thames, England

Located in the lush surrey valley, this thriving township is best known for its production of Watch Bands.

Legend has it that a group of Swiss miners formed this community in 1467. The embrasing of miner lore is evident: Almost all city blocks have a deptiction of a miner in some shape or form.

In fact, it is often a game for tourists: how many miner objects can you find? Lore has it that there is a silver pick-axe located in the basement of the Lord Govensor’s ye old fashioned Queen approved toffee shoppe.

While in Goider-upon-Thames be sure to savour the local specialty: Trotters in Mash, a delicious medly of Yak feet in a sherry based sauce, served over mashed kale.

Most of all, be certain that you save pictures for what the township is most famous for: The Counterfit Watch Band Museum. Here you can browse watch bands from many counterfit companies: Bum and Mercier, Patiak Phillipe, Rowlex, Swutch, Sayko, and Timax are just a few! On the 31st of each month, fragile “AstroFrog Patterned Tug Hower orange band” is displayed.

Baboon’s Official Travel Guide for the not so meek rates this destination 3 stars.