Baby back ribs . . . indoors

For no particular reason I bought some baby back ribs, even though I don’t have an outdoor grill. Do you have a recipe for BBR in the oven?

I just trim them (I like to take the membrane off the back, some people leave it on), hit 'em with rub for 24 hours or so, then double wrap in foil, place on a baking sheet and put 'em in a 255F oven for 4 or 5 hours.

I like to throw them under the broiler for about 3-5 minutes right before I’m ready to eat.

IMHO sauce shouldn’t touch the ribs till they hit the table, but I’m sure other will disagree.

I do what zoid does, except I cover the pan with foil instead of wrapping the ribs themselves. I don’t find that a rub works as well in a covered pan, so I apply a thin layer of sauce a couple of times after they’ve been in a couple of hours.

I think the cover with dry rub and slow cook in tightly sealed/foiled tray is an excellent way to make them. Save the bbq sauce for when you peel off the foil and just want to put them in for a final hot blast under the broiler.

Here is an alternative that many frown upon but I’ve used this method and it works as well as the slow cook approach.

Boil them (full or half rack whole) in a large pot of water with salt, peppercorns, bay leaves, garlic, onion, carrot and whatever dry herbs you like (thyme, oregano, etc…). Boil them until the meat begins to separate from the bone. Drain and cool. Separate the ribs into singlets or whatever serving size you like. NOW coat the ribs in your favourite sauce, cook in the over at relatively high temp (say 425F or so) until the sauce forms a sticky glaze. Serve hot.

For the sauce, I like to use a spicy/sweet mixture of ingredients. Something with molasses, honey or brown sugar for the sweet, soy sauce for the salty, tomato paste for the savoury, chillies in adobo for the spicy. No shame in bottled sauces either. Some are pretty good.

Here is Alton Brown’s recipe. I made it one year when we were on vacation and the ribs were excellent.

I have a friend who uses this method (2-3 hours in the oven, tightly wrapped in foil, then finish under the broiler or on the grill) and the ribs are really good. I’ve used it once now and can attest to it being very easy and delicious. I use a commercial rub -

Just, for the love of all that is holy, don’t do what my MIL does. She BOILS her ribs till they’re gray and disgusting looking, then pours sauce all over them and tosses them into the oven for an hour or so. :eek: Absolutely disgusting! Apparently, her family doesn’t know any better, because they inhale them.

Hey! What did I just say?! :mad: