Baby Blue Eye's

A few of us childless folk at the office remember hearing something about all babies being born with blue eyes, and that the other eye colours manifest themselves after so many days/weeks/months have passed following the infants birth. My African American colleague was a little skeptical, and to be honest, I can’t imagine his eyes ever being anything but deep brown. Before we go ask his mother this potentially inflammatory poer - does anyone out there have in"sight" to this mystery?

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I had a childhood friend named Craig who was a blue-eyed African-American. His mother called him “Baby Blue Eyes”. Just felt like sharing…

I can only speak from personal experience. My son was born with hazel eyes which have not changed color.

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Not all babies are born with blue eyes, but many caucasians whose eyes, as adults are hazel, grey or brown are.

Presumably, this has to do with the level of melanin in the child, which dictates skin, hair and eye color. Genetics determines what a person’s melanin level will be, but it might not yet be all there in newborn babies. However, a newborn could certainly be born with brown eyes (i.e., a full tank of the melanin their genes dictate), and no doubt many dark-skinned children are.

All of my children, as well as myself and my siblings were born with blue eyes which turned brown.

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I was born with dark brown eyes. My mom thought (based on what she’d heard) that they would get lighter in color as I got older. They didn’t. (BTW, I’m white in case it matters.)

I have seen newborns with brown eyes. My daughter was born with blue eyes and they have stayed blue for almost three years now. My son’s eyes were blue/gray when he was born but are now (at almost nine months) mostly brown. (My eyes are green and my husband’s are light brown.)

If a baby is born with brown eyes, they will usually stay dark-brown. If baby is born with blue eyes, who knows? Although <B>usually</B> the darker the blue at birth, the darker the final color will be, blue or brown.

People always cracked me up when my babies were born. They were both born with dark blue eyes and brown hair. People would ask if I thought they were going to turn brown because their eyes were so dark. My husband and I both have blue eyes. I’d say, “They better not!” :wink: BTW, my girls both have light-blue eyes, but they are rich, full-color light-blues. Like faded denim. I don’t know why they were both born with such dark blue eyes.

Originally posted by Paul Coleman:
**A few of us childless folk at the office remember hearing something about all babies being born with blue eyes, and that the other eye colours manifest themselves after…

TO; Childish Office Folk
FROM: ASPA’s Answers
RE: Eyes
DATE: (Is it Y2K yet?)

I understand a few of you childish folk at the office misunderstand natural eye color.
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&c 2K ASPA
All eye pupils start off black
and not white.
They change their mind
upon exposure
to light.
They ten become orange,
or yellow,
or green.
Depends partly on
the lens vender
they’ve seen.
The nicest color eyes
(that esthetically please)
Look sorta like
a checkerboard
or kaleidascope
(t’ some
significant degree)
All my eyes
is hazel
They was born that way
and they still be.

Didja here about the blind school teachah. She ain’t had no pupils!!!

&copy 2K ASPA
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