Baby Bottles Unsafe? Medical opinions wanted!

Baby Bargains has announced that they are no longer recommending the two most popular baby bottles - Avent and Doctor Brown. They have made that change because of a recent study on the risk of BPA leaching out of the bottles.

Here’s the full article.

Okay, first the disclaimer: I am NOT seeking medical advice.

What I am seeking is medical/knowledgeable opinion. How dangerous is this? I have a two week old and he is currently using the Avent bottles. Should we switch?

I’m not an expert on this, but I’ve been following this issue for a while now. From what I’ve heard, BPA is an estrogen substitute. It has been found to cause fertility problems in mice, but studies are ongoing. I don’t think it’s been determined if it is dangerous for humans, but some of the concerns are fertility problems, early onset puberty and higher risk of breast cancer (and other reproductive cancers) in women. There is at least one M.D. who believes that “environmental estrogens” contribute to learning difficulties in boys (Leonard Sax…he just released a book called *Boys Adrift * that touches on this subject).

I heard a spokesperson for NIH on NPR a couple days ago and she did recommend that people switch to glass baby bottles. I personally did not switch (we still use Avent bottles), but my son is nearing the end of his bottle career. I did get rid of all our plastic sippy cups and went with Siggs and Kleen Kanteens.

Here is a column that might interest you. Or scare you.

Also, let me add that Dr. Sax touches mainly on estrogens found in our water supply, so BPA in plastics isn’t the only concern.

Okay, sorry for hogging your thread. Your article piqued my curiosity so I thought I’d check out some prices. You can get the Evenflo glass bottles on Amazon or at Babys R Us for $4.99/3 pack (for the large ones - 8 oz.). Thought I’d let you know. (And, I think I’m going to trash our Avents and pick up some Evenflo ones tomorrow, since it won’t put a huge strain on our budget.)

Thanks for the input, C3.

We also have a 19 month old in the house who like to “help” so glass is out. I think we’re going with the Avent “disposable liner” bottles. It’ll let us at least save the investment in nipples and such.

The little guy has a pretty serious gas problem so maybe this’ll help that too.

Endocrine disrupters (EDs) are the newest hot topic in toxicology, but the ideas have been around for a few years. There’s some evidence that BPA has some effect, but there’s still research being done on what exactly it does or doesn’t do and to whom. A lot of work still needs to be done in the field. Like all other hot topics, beware of books and websites, and check claims through other sources like the Pubmed search engine.


Thanks for the info. I have a bunch of Avent bottles from our first child but he never took to a bottle much so they are mostly unused. I was planning on taking them out for our next baby, but maybe I will just switch to the liners instead. Which kind of sucks since I have the Avent pump and it is nice to pump right into the bottles and use them. I wonder if the Avent disposable storage containers are still ok?

I couldn’t say for sure as those aren’t mentioned one way or the other in the article, but it does emphasize that it’s hard, clear plastics (of recycling type 7 if the storage containers have a recycling number on the bottom) and that it is the heating (washing/sterilizing) process that causes the most breakdown and release of BPA.

When I pump, I pour the milk into a storage bag rather than storing in the bottles (I use an Avent pump, too). I do this because I freeze my milk, and it defrosts literally in seconds under warm running water…much easier for my day care provider. It does pretty much eliminate the convenience of the Avent system, but it saves a lot of time in the long run. Don’t know if you will be freezing, but just a tip in case you will… :slight_smile: