Baby gift advice for North Carolina Needed

I’ve got a friend in North Carolina who’s having a baby this fall. I’d like to make my friend a gift for her baby.

I’m going to make a sweater for the baby, but I’d also like to make a bunting for the baby. The bunting is made out of very warm yarn.

I’ve never been any where near NC. and I know nothing about the weather down there. I was wondering if the bunting would be too warm for a baby to wear.


The climate is similar to here in TN. It does get cold enough in the winter for something warm and fuzzy, especially if it’s in the mountains.

North Carolina’s pregnant??! :eek: :eek: :eek:

Who’s the father? Massachusetts, Florida, or perhaps Michigan?

I live in NC. Northern NC. It gets hot and humid in the Summer and pretty cold in the Winter. I suggest bunting for the Winter (Nov -March).


Make Me one too! (XXX Large :smiley: )

It gets VERY hot in the summer, but it’s pretty cold in the winter for quite a lot of it. Warmies are definately needed.

Get her heat pump.

Definitely gets cold enough in the winter for warm, cozy stuff. Especially, the farther north and west one lives. I did my undergrad work in Boone, NC and recall it getting as cold as 25 below zero on one occasion. Not nearly so cold near the beaches, but it can even snow there during the winter.


dragongirl, where in N.C. does your friend live? If it’s in the mountains, the little one can definitely use warm clothes, and even the coast gets its share of chilly days.