Baby Kitties in Indianapolis Need Homes!

Yes, I have pictures - 31 of them, to be exact.

The momma kitty gave birth two Sundays ago (that would be August 13) behind my mom’s black-eyed susans. There are two girls and two boys. The girls are the darkest tabby and the browner tabby - the boys are very grey. Right now they’re all quite fluffy. My mom is feeding Momma Cat kitten food and providing water. Yesterday, I believe we discovered Momma Cat’s name - Pixicato (like pixie + gato). She’s little more than a kitten herself and can’t weigh more than about six pounds. She does have her permanent teeth. Pixicato was left behind by some neighbors, so she has lived in a house at some point in her life. My mom handles the babies pretty much every day. Pixicato is OK with it, so long as they don’t start crying. My mom can’t keep them, and she doesn’t want to leave them outside, so we’re trying to find them all good homes (including Pixicato).

If you live in the Indianaoplis area and are looking for a kitty, let me know. My email’s in my profile. If you’re too lazy to look it up, its my username

That is freak-a-deak.

I was in Indianapolis last weekend and my parent’s neighbor’s cat had kittens, one of which I took home. Little Esmerelda Weatherwax, Esme for short. She’s attacking my mouse as we speak.

I’ve done my part to take care of the cat population in Indianapolis.

At first I thought you had 31 kittens (ha ha, that’s quite the litter)! I quickly realized you meant 31 pictures. They are so cute! The mother looks a bit like my tabby, Hanna.

I came, I saw, I squeeed.

Unfortunately I don’t live in Indy, so I can’t take a kitty.

What he said.