Baby name: Foccacia?

Family name was Panettiere. :smiley:

Anastasia/Anastasius has to do with resurrection. For Russian girls it is literally one of the most popular names. Not sure how you get there from food…

Bingo, we have a winner! My grandfather was in on a delivery where the mother declared that her daughter’s name would be *Placenta:

  • “I heard a nurse in the hospital room, she was talking about someone with that name, and I thought, ‘That’s just beautiful’…”

Now, it’s hard to verify that, since my grandfather was born in the 1800s and was practicing during the first World War… *
(True. I’m old, and my mom’s family always takes their time procreating. Over a century between gramps and my kids. Oh, and great-gramps barely escaped being massacred in a Sioux/Dakota Uprising in Mankato, MN)*

Back in the '70s I briefly lived in Fort Lee, NJ. There was a gynecologist there named Seymour Kuntz. I don’t know which came first, the name or the profession.

Don’t think we’re strictly comparing names to foods.
I apologize, I did not know Nastia was a nickname for Anastasia.

Now that you’ve suggested it, someone might find your post and think it’s a good name. :stuck_out_tongue:

If it is just names that sound like other words you want, we’ll be here a while. I know a Mr Bong, Mr Katz, Mr. Miao, Ms Person, and of course Mr Tits, Kuntz, Gaylord, Fucks/Fuchs (and more in that vein)…

One of the bartenders at my local pub is named Anastasia. She goes by Ann to the public. She does uses Stacey among friends but I call her Stasy.


Need a lot of bread to become upper crust.

anastasia has many nick names from anya to tasya. it is very poplar across quite a few cultures now.

I’m expecting parents to start naming their babies in the manner of racehorse breeders.

Sooner or later there will be kids named Fuhgeddaboutit and Theresakillerontheroad.

Apparently there have been children named Placenta and Syphilis, at least in Jamaica.

Come on. Y’all know Nastia sounds bad. What young girl wants to be called that?
I realize now it’s a nickname. The other Anastasia nicknames sound ok. But, Nastia?? Really?

The news interviewed some kid on a story a few weeks ago with the name Anakin.

Isn’t Placentia a feminine name in Spanish-speaking countries? It’s also a city in California.

A friend told me about an old tree planting crew whose cook had a toddler named Unicorn Over The Rainbow.
I’d take Focaccia over that one.

Also a town in Newfoundland, Canada.

You can download “beyond the top 1000” lists from the name section of the SSA website. That will answer the question of whether there have been at least 5 baby girls or 5 baby boys named Foccacia in one year in the US. They don’t release data on names used 4 or fewer times per sex per year.

We baptized a sweet little baby girl Lilith. The pastor didn’t try to talk the parents out of it or nothing. I don’t know where they got the name, whether the Jewish demon, Adam’s first wife, or Frazier Crane’s wife, but I smiled and nodded.

Nobody has mentioned ‘Placentia’.

Do we know that it sounds bad in Russian? (Nastia Liukin was born in Moscow; both of her parents competed internationally for the Soviet gymnastics teams.)