Baby name: Foccacia?

My friend posted to Facebook today, “I wonder if anyone had ever named their child Foccacia?” Off-the-wall musings are something of a specialty of hers, but this seems like one that could have a definite answer. My feeling is there’s got to be someone somewhere, right? I’ve been to the US Census and various baby name sites though and haven’t found a way to search for any existence of a first name. Can anyone with better Google-fu help me out?

I prefer Sourdough. Or possibly Baguette for a girl.

The bread is spelled “focaccia.”

That makes my name sound positively ‘white-bread’

Talk about a bun in the oven.

I’m still waiting for a girl named Chlamydia or Placenta. But Baguette is good.

On Buffy the Vampire Slayer there was a young woman who changed her name to Chanterelle. She was crestfallen when Buffy told her it was a mushroom.

I once saw a Target cashier named “Ameba”, so we’ve got that going for us.

How low class. She should have spelled it “Amœba”.

A friend of mine works at a hospital, and once saw that they had a newborn girl in the hosptial’s maternity ward named “Vaginal Love.” :eek:

Technically correct is the best kind of correct!

I’m waiting for “Elloelle.” I’d google it to see if anyone’s named their child that, but my faith in humanity is low enough, thankyouverymuch

Foccacia–sounds pretty cheesy to me!

I watched an episode of “Divorce Court” and the divorcing wife was Trasha.

Yes, Trasha!

Can we ever forget Olympic gymnast: Nastia Luiken?

Fair point. I cut-and-pasted it from Facebook, so it’s not my fault! Sure, I didn’t notice, but that’s not going to stop me from throwing my friend under the bus.

A search for either spelling says <100 in the U.S. in 2010, but doesn’t explicitly rule out zero. Oddly, they also list names “related” to Focaccia:

Related Names
[li] Schmeer[/li][li] Oasdi[/li][li] Janowski[/li][li] Guala[/li][li] Greasers[/li][li] Khutulun[/li][li] Donor[/li][li] Nigglet[/li][/ul]

I’d love to get a peek at the AI that compiled that list. Oasdi?

I’m a fan of Ry Cooder’s music.

Not given names, so they are a different breed of names, but the people who gave these two former baseball players their nicknames should have known better:

Russell “Rusty” Kuntz (at least his last name is pronounced “KOONTZ”)
John “Boof” Bonser - when he was still in the minor leagues, he apparently had his name legally changed to “Boof” :eek:

My sister told the tale of seeing an announcement of a name change. The woman abandoned the first name Lesbia.

Is the family upper-crust?