Baby Pigeons

I happened to be walking along the street today, with the kids and Ms. Attack, and we heard a kerfluffle under a store awning. We looked up and saw a flimsy minimalist nest in the corner of the awning, and a grownup pigeon feeding two approximately half-scale baby pigeons.

Here we have further confirmation of the Master’s words.

If there is continuing demand, I could prolly get photos.

Cecil’s column:

I’ve got some here.
In the nest
Freshly out of the nest.
Another in the nest.

They grow really fast and are nearly full size by the time they leave the nest.

I’ve noticed baby magpies where I live, and they are far smaller than the adult ones. Anyhow, now I want to see a baby squirrel , but I’ll settle for a pic, if anyone’s got one?

This one isn’t my photo, but I think it qualifies.
Baby squirrel

That’s great, but I can’t really get an idea of the size of the little blighter. Is that a syringe being used to feed it, or a tiny bottle? How many inches would it be from it’s head to it’s haunches, say?

Looks like a handful

I’ve gotta admit, these squirrels are cute little critters!

(Although, saying that, I don’t like the way that one is eyeballing me.)

Many years ago I rented a room from a woman who found two baby squirrels who had fallen out of a tree. She hand fed them and let them run around the house. They were pretty cute. She let them go, and even a year or two later, they would occasionally come back and visit. They would even come back in the house.

Lovely photos.

The first two squabs of the pigeons that moved onto our balcony left at about 7 weeks, and they were close to fully grown then, only a little smaller than the parents.

The second batch are almost 4 weeks old now and seem bigger than the first. They’ve just started leaving the nest and running around the balcony a little.

Those are mourning doves, not pigeons. Beautiful pictures, though.

Yes you are right, they are mourning doves. I figured for the purpose of the OP, they were close enough. Doves and pigeons are very similar, and the choice of which to call them is based more on common useage that any technical difference. (According to WIki anyway) :slight_smile:
To me, if they’re cute, its a dove. If not, its a pigeon.
The squabs from the most recent brood (the last picture, there were two) just left the nest yesterday and were walking around on the ground. They were gone today.

I’ve found a second nest within easy walking distance of the first. Either I am a naturally gifted baby pigeon hunter, or there are a lot of baby pigeons around right now.

(hint- pick the second answer)

Thai uses the same word for pigeons and doves. (For lemons and limes, too. An odd language.)

But our pigeons are very cute. :frowning:

Could we have a link to the Master’s column, please?

I’ve also added a link to the first post.

I ought to have done that. Thanks.


I recently saw a dead baby pigeon on the ground in downtown Chicago. So, logically, if a baby pigeon is on the ground it’s dead.