Baby sign language interpritation, please

I am baby-sitting my friends 11 month old son right now and he keeps taking his hand, placing it palm down under my chin and flapping it. I know that he knows baby sign language. Is he trying to tell me something? If so, what is it? I’ d like to add that it is very difficult to type and hold off a squirmy baby who wants very badly to bang on my key board. He’s is very cute by the way.

Baby sign is just whatever the kid makes up and is reinforced. Some parents actually try to teach standard signs but IMHO usually it’s just what the kid makes up and repeats. I’d guess it’s something to do with the mouth like talk, sign, eat…

I know this is of little help.

It means, “I discovered that when I do this to Mommy and Daddy, they laugh like billy-o, and we all laugh together.” It’s a baby game, IOW. Early practice in socialization.

Mommy came home, and apparently it meant “dirty”, as in, “change me”. Oops, guess my baby-fu wasn’t as good as I thought it was. He didn’t cry or smell bad, so that was the last meaning I thought it could be. He was sucking on a bottle at the time, so I knew he wasn’t hungry. Oh well, I did get props for getting him to sleep, which has never happened away from home before.