Babylon 5 actor Mira Furlan becomes star stuff

Delenn has passed beyond the galactic rim:

I saw this news late last night, when a friend shared a post from J. Michael Straczynski about her passing. Very sad news, indeed, and another member of that show’s cast who is now gone, way too soon.

Oh no! Coincidentally, I’m rewatching Babylon 5 right now (for like the tenth time) and I was just wondering what she was up to these days. Sadly, I now have my answer. Go and join the greater universe again and may the goddess hold you close, Delenn.

I used to describe B5 as “Star Trek, but they kill off regular cast members.”

I didn’t mean it like this.

We view the soul as a non-localized phenomenon.

Wiki reports cause of death as “complications from West Nile virus”. Darn. I liked her.

They don’t play ‘Babylon-5’ on any streaming service I know. If you want to relive your youth, you have to buy the whole set somewhere.

(It’s the only series or movie on earth where you’ll not only find a sultry Melissa Gilbert who is Hot… but Pure Evil. )

I bought the set in the fall. I haven’t gotten through all of it yet. One of my favorite series.

I was also a big fan of Lost. I have that series and just re-watched it in the fall. I loved her in that, too.

So sad. She was only 65.

Never watched it in my youth, but I’m currently watching through it after building up the whole series on YouTubeTV’s DVR from Comet.

Edit: a quick check reveals that Babylon 5 left Comet last summer.

This makes me sad. I’ve told the Mrs. (who is SF neutral) that B5 is about war and politics but is, at its heart, a love story. My Trek/B5 comparison is that its like watching a different team play the same game. I wonder what the odds are that so many members of the cast of a show that really isn’t all that old would be gone by now.

And, it’s not like they were that old, either. Mira was 65; most of the others who have died were in their 50s or early 60s, and Richard Biggs was only 44. :cry:

Maybe it’s a curse. *is gloomy*

Here is a picture of the cast updated today.

Zathras too? *is even gloomier*

It is supposed to be coming to HBO Max in a few days, on the 26th, I think.

I’m also coincidentally watching all of B5 (on DVD) with a friend who has never seen the show before. And just last night we coincidentally watched the episode where Delenn says that. It was even more moving given Furlan’s recent death.

And that doesn’t include Michael O’Hare.

Well crap. I just paid $25 for the first season on Amazon Prime. Maybe instead of paying for future seasons I should just get an HBOMax subscription.

That episode was next up on my watchlist too. Weird, innit? Pretty sure a Minbari would have something to say about the coincidences.

O’Hare is mentioned in the lower left corner, as are Tim Choate and Robin Sachs. I hadn’t remembered that Sachs had been in the show (only in 6 episodes, as several different characters, according to IMDB), but he was the brother of a friend/co-worker of mine, and I remember when he died.