babysitting ad it unreasonable?

heres the story


I’m torn. I can see both sides.

heres the real link that didn’t paste

is she nuts or reasonable?


I hope that’s fake.

well some of it didn’t seem too bad but other parts are nuts…

Don’t believe everything you read on the internet…

Or in the Daily Fail


So much to unload in that one little statement.

It smells like a joke, but who knows these days. Someone willing to advertise that they are breaking the law by paying off the books, but insisting on a BG check, no tats, and paying for snacks out of pocket?

FWIW I have had multiple nannies and ALL of them bought my daughter snacks out of pocket, and when I knew about it I always reimbursed them over the amount spent as a thank you. (Not including times when we asked the nanny to order in/take her out, when we reimbursed the cost of meal + tip for both my daughter and nanny.)

That plus the other insane requirements…either a joke or a person who maybe ought to have her children distributed to better parents.

Sounds to me like some disgruntled babysitter getting their own back on someone.

One could only hope that the mother was as discriminating in her choice of Leader of the Free World.

I don’t believe this is serious. It looks more like a spoof ad, a satirical post by a babysitter fed up with unreasonable requirements, and making fun of them.

I wonder what her rules are for her kids.

Must be a Trump fan definitely makes the authenticity suspect. As well as the blatant tax cheat reference.

Also, expecting to pay someone with a bachelor’s degree $10.

Regardless of the other conditions, the $10 per hour is going to not get her many candidates. The going rate for babysitting is about 50% or more higher than she’s asking.

What kind of parent would expect a babysitter to pay for snacks without being reimbursed?

And note that’s for 3 kids.

I expect that this is a gag, although there are certainly people this foolish in the world.