Bachelor Party Movies needed

I’m looking for some movies that are mostly about a guy’s bachelor party. Before my brother’s bachelor party I wanted to watch some movies to get everyone in the mood.

So far I’ve came up with “Bachelor Party” with Tom Hanks, and “Very Bad Things”

Any suggestions?

A Guy Thing (Jason Lee, Julia Stiles)
Twenty Bucks (big ensemble piece, with the title $ going to the BP stripper)

Sadly, Ninja Bachelor Party is unavailable on video.

And on the offchance that your brother is marrying another dude, My Fair Lady has Stanley Holloway doing a terrific rendition of the BP song “Get Me to the Church On Time”.

A Guy Thing with Jason Lee ,Julia Stiles and Selma Blair.
Stag with John Stockwell, Mario Van Peebles, Jerry Stiller, Ben Gazzara and Andrew McCarthy. Very much like Very Bad Things.
Dancing Queen Rik Mayall and Helena Bonham Carter in a TV feature.

I had always assumed Bachelor Party Movies was code for Hard Core Pornos. I’ve learned something today.

I’m looking for movies to watch before the Bachelor Party. During the bachelor party will be the hard core porno’s.

Sideways is basically an extended bachelor party.