Bachelor Party

Alright dopers, I need help!

My best friend ever since High School is getting married, we have all the details planned out :wink: , but we forgot music.

I of coarse want to but Champagne Supernova, by oasis. Kind of relates if you know the lyrics, also there is some country song it goes “all my rowdy friends have settled down…” need help who’s the artist and songs title??

These are the type songs we where going to play, but we don’t have many so I was hoping the board could help me out here?
Any ideas dopers?

oh one more thing, the bachelor party is thursday so I need them quick so i can burn them.

Song you’re looking for is:

All My Rowdy Friends Have Settled Down by Hank Williams, Jr.

Have fun!

There’s a pretty good Lyle Lovett sond called She’s No Lady, She’s My Wife.

It isn’t rowdy, by any means, but with lines like

“She hates my momma, she hates my daddy too.
She loves to tell me she hates the things I do”
"The preacher said “I pronounce you 99-to-life.”

how can you go wrong?

That one gave me a good little laugh “99 - life” it’s perfect thanks Abe Babe.

Please dopers I still need more songs!!

It’s called the “I-95 Song” - by August and the Spur Of The Moment Band.

Also known as “The Asshole Song”.

Also try “The Ballad of Dick And Jane” by Pinkard and Bowden.