Bachelorettes in Alaska

What a great show ! I’m so happy to have something to help me with my Survivor withdrawl.

I thought Rebeckah was quite a witch. I can’t really understand why so many of the men were interested in her. They must have been thinking with another part of their bodies, instead of their brains.

I really felt sorry for the one girl, I can’t remember her name. None of the men seemed very interested in her. At the end it seemed like she was almost in tears.

Andrea and Sissy seemed OK, there was one other girl, whose name I can’t remember, that seemed like she just latched onto Rebeckah, but otherwise she didn’t leave much of an impression on me.

I can’t wait until next week.

Interesting program, I thought.

The LMNO Yowlin’ Cat was heard when one of the men threw his ax over the target.

I’m already addicted God help me!

Miss Rebeckah was a greedy little thing…I think the guys all went after her because they get part of the “dowry” if they end up with her–right? She’s obviously going to have the biggest dowry… but she’s the fakest little vixen–I can’t wait to see her humbled.

Dragongirl, I think the latcher-oner is Karen…

And Cecile was the poor girl who seemed unhappy, but I think she’s adorable and judging from the previews it looks like there will be more action for her next time!