Back from our cruise

Library1900 and I are back home in the wilds of PA after spending 5 days cruising around the Caribbean. We sailed on the Carnival Victory, a behemoth of a boat, and had a pretty good time. The weather was mostly wonderful and we got to do some things we never could here at home. And no, we didn’t miss the snow one bit! (Nor did I miss cooking Thanksgiving dinner for 6.)

I went swimming with stingrays and got to feed them some squid. I ate alligator fritters for dinner and even tried raw ahi tuna. Not my thing, as it turns out.

My husband went snorkelling with me on Grand Turk but it was too cold for him to swim with the rays. (He’s still recovering from that pesky cardiac arrest thing he had last year.) He did enjoy the hot tub and we managed to find a “secret deck” to enjoy some alone time one night. Imagine, a ship with over 3000 people on it but this deck was EMPTY! We watched the stars and the moon over the sea. It was quite romantic.

Thanks for all of the tips everybody gave us! We really appreciated the information. I’m looking forward to going again next year.

Glad you had a good time. Did you get enough to eat? :slight_smile:

So much that we weren’t hungry until we were back for a whole day!

How were your accomodations?

The room was much bigger than we expected. I didn’t really comprehend 220 sq ft until we walked inside. The bathroom was tiny but that’s to be expected. We had an oceanview room that could, in theory, sleep four. It had a king-sized bed (2 beds pushed together) and a pull-out couch. There was a LOT of storage space, too. Plenty of room under the bed to hide the luggage, 3 closets along one wall (bulkhead, I know) and a drawer/shelving unit as well.

We were all the way aft in room 2460, which Carnival picked for us. It’s directly under the Pacific dining room, which is empty after 10 pm, so it was very quiet. We did find out that we were above the area where the docking lines are stored, which means that we knew exactly when we pulled into port, but that was the only problem, really. We were already awake and prepping for breakfast so the noise didn’t bother us.

The shower was always hot. If there was anything I could steal from the room and take home with me, it would have been that shower!