Back from the Dead Characters

God, I can’t type today…

This is the kind of random shit my brain expells: I’m trying to get an alphabetical list of characters that have come back from the dead. I couldn’t find one online (probably because it would be too damn long).

My list:
Alucard, Archangel, Apocalypse
Bucky, Booster Gold
Cable, Colossus, Cyclops
Deadpool, Dream, Deadman
Ghost Rider, Green Goblin, Guardian
Hal Jordan
Iron Fist, Invisible Woman
Jean Grey, Jason Todd, Joker
Kara Zor-el
Magneto, Mr. Immortal
Superman, Storm, Seras Victoria

No, I haven’t personally read all these comics. A lot of this is stuff I found online.

Angel - Killed by Buffy, sent to Hell Dimension, returned to Earth by Powers That Be.
Buffy - Sacrificied herself in place of Dawn, brought back by Willow.
Spike - Dies in “Buffy” finale, revived in “Angel.”

Captain America, Mr. Fantastic, Human Torch, Thing, Hulk, Spider-Man, Thor, Iron-Man (Jim Rhodes), Wasp, Hawkeye, She-Hulk, Prof. X, Cyclops, Nightcrawler, Wolverine, Storm, Colossus, Rogue, Magneto, Spider-Woman (Julia Carpenter) - All killed by a bolt from the blue (engineered by Dr. Doom) in “Secret Wars #11”, revived by an alien healer in “SW” #12.

Jason Voorhees - Killed approximately 10 times, revived again & again & again.
Michael Myers - Also killed appr. 10 times.
Freddie Kruger - About 8 times.

Wonder Woman - John Byrne recycled the ‘Superman dies’ storyline during his less-than-stellar tenure on the book.

'S’all I can think of for now.

Is this just comics (a long enough list, Ghu knows), or in general?

Monroe, Dr. Marvin
Potter, Harry

Jake Chambers, in the Dark Tower series

John Sheridan
Uncle Duke


Well you’ve already got C, J, H & S, so I’m afraid my contributions of Captain Jacks Harkness and Sparrow isn’t much help.

Spock of course.

Bill the Cat should qualify.

Gandalf the Grey returned as Gandalf the White. (If you want an O you can go with Olorin)

That Jesus guy & Aslan.

All the Reapers on Dead Like Me.

… Bucky’s back from the dead?

Do you want to include soap operas? Because if so, you’ll be here all week.

Somehow, I think charectors such as Q (who never actually died to my knowledge) and those with the name of “deadman” or whose powers preclude actual death (Ghost Rider) should not be on the list.

Jason Vorhees only legitimately ‘died’ once - when he was blown to bits - and there is a reasonable chance that he did not survive the space station thing.

Freddy Kruger ‘died’ in the fire - he lived in the dreams (and according to the Jason Vs Freddy movie) and only lived there when he was “thought of” - hardly coming back to life.

Micheal Myers was only presumed dead - he certainly should have died from the injuries he sustained - but he was never officially dead. (until the last movie when he lost his head)

James T. Kirk died atleast twice in TOS only to be revived in the same episode (Enterprise Incident, Amok Time)

Does Sherlock Holmes count?

I thought the OP meant O from The Story of O (which I haven’t read, so nobody tell me if that actually is the case).

By the same token, simster, I think the OP included “Q” as an empty category, not to say that Q from Star Trek: The Next Generation returned from the dead.

Darla, Angel’s vampire sire, was dusted, brought back as a human, then re-vamped and dusted again.

Buffy died twice.

Frankenstein’s monster was parts of many people returned from the dead.

Have you ever read Dune?

By the end all the major characters had been brought back.

Nitpick: Buffy didn’t kill Angel. She stabbed him through his shrivelled walnut heart with a metal sword, which is hardly fatal to vampires, then he got sucked through a vortex into hell. Not a pleasant fate by any means, but not really a death, either.

Of course, he is a vampire, so that right there requires one death and resurrection.

Bond. James Bond.

Then fill it with Oliver Queen aka the Green Arrow.

Captain Jack Sparrow (died in Pirates of the Caribbean 2, brought back in 3) and Captain Hector Barbossa (died in Pirates of the Caribbean 1, brought back offscreen in 2 and explained somewhat in 3).

Jack Bauer (24) – clinically dead and brought back in Season 2.

I believe Booster Gold faked his death, but never really died. Green Arrow (Oliver Queen) did die, but was brought back by some convoluted process. Thanks, Kevin Smith.

About half the Marvel Universe was killed by Thanos wielding the Infinity Gauntlet, only to be brought back later.

John Constantine and Neo. Keanu likes to die.