Back home after an appendectomy

As a couple of you already know, I had to have emergency surgery Sunday night to remove my appendix (curse you, blind evolution!). I’m home and feeling well enough now to sit up straight at the computer for a while.

Everything went well. It was laparoscopic, so I’m not in much pain, and recovery should be pretty quick. Actually, I was surprised to find that the most painful thing has been the gas they use to blow up your abdomen during surgery - the remnants percolate up into your neck/shoulder area, and it hurts like a bitch.

I’m also still waiting for my bladder to start working again, which is stressful, but my urologist thinks I’ll be back to normal in a few days.

I can’t pick up the baby, so I have to have another adult here all the time. Thank Og for my mother in law!

I also was incredibly lucky to have La Leche League friends who delivered a TON of pumped milk for Claire to drink while I had to pump & dump for 24 hours after having the CT dye injected.

So all in all, I’m doing well. Trying to take it easy, without being bored out of my mind!

Yay for pumped milk! Was she a fussy butt about drinking at an unfamiliar buffet?

I recently nominated you for the tastiest Doper to eat in times of emergency, by the way. But that was before I knew you were flavoring the meat with appendix-goo! :eek: Of course, I can’t find the thread at the moment…

Hope your recovery goes smoothly. Take it easy - better to rest a few days too long than to push it and be out of commission longer!

That sucks. Lucky you have someone who can stay with you and help with the baby. My brother recently had emergency major abdominal surgery - just after my mom went back to work and couldn’t stay with the kids. By the way, the shoulder pain is because pain from the diaphragm is often referred to the shoulder.

Glad it went well; hope you recover quickly. You’ll never miss that appendix.

Bah! Appendix, useless thing that, I got mine out in July, it was also a laproscopic procedure, recovery was very quick, I was back up and about the same day, the worst pain for me was from the stupid Heparin Sodium anticlotting shots they used

Heh, maybe we can start a SDMB “Appendixless” club :wink:

Hope you recover quickly, surgery is never fun, although the anasthetic they used was interesting, one moment I’m chatting with the surgeon, the next, waking up in the recovery room, wondering when they’re going to start the procedure…

Luckily she is used to drinking breast milk from a bottle, so she was fine. I was amazed - she even took a bottle from me when I came home and still couldn’t nurse yet - she didn’t object at all! So then of course I worried that she wouldn’t nurse, but she has been doing OK. She barfed more than usual from getting more air in the bottles, but otherwise did A-OK.

Hmm. Thank you? :slight_smile: I found the thread - interesting read. Especially the people who put themselves *over *100 on the cannibalism scale!

Glad you’re home and feeling better. And that Claire was good. Bless mothers-in-law. :slight_smile:

Glad you’re home and feeling better too, and kudos to La Leche league for coming through for you. They get a lot of bad press, some of it deserved, but most of it undeserved.

This thread pleases me for more than one reason (an erstwhile La Leche milk donor).

I bet there are quite a few of us! Weirdly, two of my best friends have had appendectomies in the past two years - both of them were pregnant at the time of their surgeries. And one has a husband who expected her to clean three days’ worth of dishes when she got home from the hospital. So I consider myself very lucky in comparison.

Strangely, I found the anesthesia less quick to kick in and easier to wake up from than when I had “twilight sleep” for a girly procedure a few years ago. For that, I don’t even remember them getting my bed wheeled into the hallway! And I felt like I had a cinderblock on my forehead for hours after waking up. The general wasn’t bad at all - like waking up in the morning, pretty much.

Thanks for all the well-wishes everyone!