Back in Parking

Like qwest I prefer to back in than out in a busy lot. But in PA, we have no front plates, and so both the school I go to and the apartment complex I live in say “no backing in.”

Couple of comments.

With most cars now being Front Wheel Drive, Back in Parking makes it easier to tow illegally parked cars since the Tow Truck just has to lift the front of the car.
However, in one part of Tucson, near the University, it seems that the Back In Parking requirement was just a revenue generator. If you park front in, you have to make a Left Turn in the middle of the Block, Thus two tickets, one for the Illegal Left Turn and One for Improper parking.

Sometimes it’s a response to complaints from the neighboring property. Around here I frequently see “no backing in” signs on parking spots that face a neighboring residence.