Back pain...caution: whiny.

I went to a hot yoga class. It felt amazing while I was in class, not so much afterwards. I have had left lumbar pain ever since (one week duration). I cannot imagine how people with chronic pain deal with this. I can also understand how and why people become dependent on pain meds.

Any advice for me? I have tried heat, ice, Biofreeze and assorted anti inflammatories and pain relievers. Darvocet and tramadol are not touching it. The only thing I haven’t used it a muscle relaxer and that would necessitate a dr visit which is 125$ that I don’t want to spend. :frowning:

I tired some gentle stretches but I am not to a point in recovery where I can move much yet.

Sorry to be whiny!

Sorry. :frowning: From one who deals with chronic pack pain, for about 15 years now. I have two ruptured discs.

Muscle relaxants don’t do anything for me when my back goes nuclear. Nor do OTC pain relievers. The only time I go to the doctor is once every year or two, if it’s really bad, for steroids (don’t do much for me) and knock-you-out pain meds. Which I only take once or twice a year, really, just to be able to [del]pass out [/del] sleep.

Stay as mobile as you can without doing anything to irritate it further; time will heal. It can take a couple of weeks or more. (I’m assuming you pulled a back muscle, the above is not medical advice but just from my own experience, blah blah.) Once you feel better, it won’t hurt to do regular core/abdominal muscle exercises along with back and flexibility stretches. That will help prevent future episodes. Yoga is great for this actually; but make sure your instructor is knowledgeable.

I have a chronic lumbar disk problem and I screwed my back royally last week. I lay in bed with a pillow under my knees for as long as I could yesterday and it has helped a lot.

Hopefully you have just pulled a muscle, which as my professor-of-orthopedics dad says, there’s nothing you can do about but wait between two and six weeks for it to stop hurting. I just take ibuprofen for it. Don’t want to go anything stronger due to addiction concerns.

Long-term I do yoga and pilates (and I’m checking out the hotties) to strengthen the core muscles. It really does help as when I skip classes like I did for the last two weeks I can really throw myself out.

Thanks guys. Seems to be a bit better today. Really want to get back to yoga!