Back pain

Do a lot of people have this? I msut’ve pulled my back the other day movign a dresser, as its really painful, and a pain pill actually helped and it didn’t hurt the next day.
Whats another good way to make it feel better?

If a pain pill (Advil or something?) made it feel better and it’s no longer painful, I suspect it was just a muscle spasm caused as you said by moving that furniture. I’m prone to these as well.

A heating pad / hot water bottle can be soothing (though I think I’ve read somewhere that cold might be better… but don’t quote me on that).

Don’t rest it up too much, that might make it not-hurt while you’re not-moving, but in the long run does more harm than good.

It still hurts today, but only if I move the wrong way.

Heating pad, alternating with ice, and NSAIDS to cut the inflammation. Bad backs are a bitch; I had a L5-S1 discectomy and fusion while I was still in my twenties, due to a herniated nucleus pulposis (the gel inside the disc).

They say almost everybody has back pain at some point in their life. Your circumstances are legendary. You did something and strained it. It should go away on it’s own. Minor activity brings quicker relief than doing nothing, after an initial rest phase of a day or two.

Pain killers don’t work for me. They do for some. I remember a runner who strained his back packing his car for the 1976 Boston Marathon. He did not feel like he could run across the street. In the hallway of the school at Hopkinton, a friend who was a chiropractor gave him a treatment that seemed a bit painful to his neck briefly, but it took all the pain away and he ran his best Boston race.

I remember an interview with a famous NFL lineman years ago where they asked him what it did to keep in condition. Did he do heavy workouts in the weight room? He said, “No, all I do is push-ups.” I don’t know if that was really true and young people have natural fitness. I can say that I like to do 50 push-ups at a time and can feel the tension on my back and stomach muscles. I can also shovel snow by the hour without back pain or front pain. My bottom line is that some conditioning is helpful in prevention and quick recover from back problems.