Back to school

I am looking into taking a GED course by mail. I am tired of being the least educated person on the board.

So who wants help me with my homework?



Lynn could you move this to mpsims for me ? Please ?


No, no… You’re flaming yourself, this is where it belongs.

Seriously, if this was MPSIMS, I’d say: There are many roads to education, school is only one.

Then I’d say: Hey! I’ll help! I don’t think you’ll find a better bunch of study partners than the SDMB!

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Moving this thread as requested.

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I am with you, Ayesha - let me know when you need help

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Im sure that anyone on this board would be happy to help you out, me included.

Just ask us.

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glad to help

Ditto Ayesha… and btw great decision, you won’t regret it.

I really try to be good but it just isn’t in my nature!

Never let your schooling interfere with your education and you’ll do just fine.
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GED - good enough diploma?

Glad to help, though how some pot-smoking, nerdy college student would be able to help, I’m not sure.

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The more resources, the better. Count me in when you’re looking for help.

hhmmmphh! Back in the days of the giants (on AOL/SDMB) we had a FAQ that specifically mentioned that we did not answer homework questions. That is what search engines, on-line encyclopedias, and on-line dictionaries are for.
(OTOH, I can’t imagine that anyone would actually refrain from answering any legitimate question posted in GQ from any of our esteemed members.)

Of course, if its 3:00 am and you aren’t getting any responses, don’t forget
Encyclopædia Britannica
Merriam-Webster Online
Style Book for Copy Editors
THOR+ Purdue Reference Library
Mega Converter measurement conversions galore
Scientific American Q&A
Dr. Dewpoint on Weather
State and Local Government on the Net
Welcome to the White House with links to Federal Departments and Agencies
Any Day in History
Encyclopedia Mythica: worldwide mythology


I’ll help as well. I am good at math and okay at science and history. I am also good at mundane stuff.


Good for you, I say…
I’m going back to school myself! It’s pretty funny, a 33 year old woman in Freshman English! I’m taking tap dancing too! :slight_smile:
School is more fun when you actually want to go…

You think that’s funny, Meow? My 45 year old Aunt is trying for her masters! Ha! 12 years on ya, and trying for a class 4 years past ya! That gives a difference of 8. She’s 8 years further in potential embarassment (on her part, they probably cheer her on).

I sold my soul to Satan for a dollar. I got it in the mail.

Congratulations Ayesha! Drop me a line any time you need some help. Pssst, plus, I’ve got the answers to Wednesday’s quiz. Stole 'em from the prof’s office! :wink:

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What courses will you be taking?

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Ayesha, I dunno if you’d want the help of a college student with minimal Life Knowledge, but I’d be happy to offer any assistance I can! If you choose to study religion or anthropology at all, I’m your woman!


Thank you so much for your offers of help guys.

Anyone should be able to help me, I quit school in the 8 th grade. Now kids are learning what I learned then in 5th grade. ::sigh::

I will have to take a standard GED course, I’ll worry about what what I take after that.

I guess the SD is doing it’s job, I’m tired of being ignorant ! :stuck_out_tongue:


I’ll help if you’ll help with mine. :slight_smile:

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