Back To The Future II

About 8 months until flying cars, weather control, power laces and self-drying jackets.

Oh, and Jaws 10.

I can’t wait!

Weather control or super accurate forecasting?
And getting rid of all lawyers.
And robots (at least Robot waitstaff and gas station attendants)

In fairness they have about a year and seven months (October 2015)

Hobos. With power.

That’s what I meant, oops.

Rehydrated pizza.

Cubs play in World Series.

I always thought it was super lame that Nike came out with the self tying shoe that was really just a mock up.

You’re off by about a year. The main future events in Back to the Future Part II take place in late October 2015. All the main events of the series take place in years ending in 5.

For (many, many, many) more details, see: Back to the Future timeline | Futurepedia | Fandom

And Pepsi® is only $50.

Fax machines all over the house!

I’ve seen westerners, possibly Americans, surfing in Viet Nam, so they got one right.

Shark still looks fake.

Boy, oh boy, Mom, you sure can hydrate a pizza.

It’s Jaws 19 and there are some folks trying to make it happen. :slight_smile:

Cool link, thanks.