Back to the Future: The Deleted Sex Scene

Funny (mildly NSFW)

It’s funny because Marty, a teenage boy, is too horny to control himself.

I’d say it’s because his mom is a teenage girl, and is unable to control herself. She’s the one who adds the extra line.

Okay, actually, it’s funny because it explores the natural evolution of that plot line. Up until that point in the movie, his mom was really, really liking him. If that kiss hadn’t seemed like “kissing her brother”, I don’t think Marty would have been able to resist. He wasn’t able to resist the kiss.

The rest of the funny comes in from the absurdity. You realize Marty is his own dad, and then you see Michael J. Fox being in love with himself (which fits his Spin City persona), and then you see him and his mom having a bunch of kids, conveniently looking exactly like him (ala the second movie.)