Backache - why?

I have a backache. This isn’t an uncommon thing: I walk home from school, often carrying about 20-25 pounds in my bookbag (blame it on the calc text.)

But I’m wondering what, exactly, causes back pain (usually in my lower back). I know it’s not sore muscles, partly because I’ve been carrying this type of load every day of the school year since freshman year. I’m also a martial artist, have a low BMI, etc - I know it’s not that I don’t have the back strength to deal with it.

So what, exactly, causes a sore back? It’s not strenuous activity, and I do know that my bookbag isn’t off-balance or what have you.

Any ideas?

If you really think your book bag is at fault I would say it is not the weight of it so much as from poor posture caused by how you are carrying it. Have someone observe your posture as you carry the book bag and tell you what you might be doing wrong. Consider buying a more ergonomic backback.

Backache can also be caused by stress and worry. Does it happen more often when you are stressed out at school?

Lower back pain, called lumbago, is very common and is caused by a bad design of the human body. Since we cannot change the design the only thing we can do is treat it gently.

It has to do with the spine, not your muscles, at least in most cases. You can work out as much as you want to and it won’t build up your spine. If you are not careful it could hurt it, just like not carrying your bag correctly.

could be a muscle spasam. that’s what i have. its a bitch to get rid of and makes my lower back ache so bad!

Could be your shoes - those with a heel higher than about 1.5" throw your spine out of wack which puts increased stress on it, leading to pain.

Or you could have scoliosis, like me. :slight_smile: