Background actor in "Almost Famous"?

Can anyone name this actor – I couldn’t figure it out by consulting

In the corridors of the L.A. Riot House, there’s a young Led Zeppelin fan walking around, kind of talking to himself, kind of talking to the people around him, but more in a narration or commentary style, about how he actually saw Jimmy Page, etc.

Anyone know who that was?

Jay Baruchel… imdb

Ah, yes! Thanks – I knew he was familiar – he was the star of “Undeclared.”

No problem. I was actually just watching “Almost Famous” over the weekend and when I saw that scene, it was one of those moments that who he was (from “Undeclared”) clicked for me, too. From watching it again, there seems to be quite a few people that were relatively unknown then that have started making a name for themselves.

The guy who played their manager was in “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” (just to toss out one of them).

The rest of the cast. . .shit, that’s just loaded with talent. Jason Lee, Deschanel, Crudup, McDormand, Kate Hudson, Rainn Wilson.

Not to mention Phillip Seymour Hoffman in a VERY funny role – he pulls off self-awareness mixed with antipathy perfectly. Great look, too.

The whole ensemble is a major contributor to why that movie is one of the greats. It’s one of my favorite movies.