background check website? are people too paranoid?

I just saw this commercial for the website (will I get banned for spamming for posting this?) but the point is that do we really need to background check everyone? The girl in the commercial is all like "I won’t let anyone near my family unless they’ve been verified. Are we too paranoid these days?

It’s not that we are too paranoid, it’s that a company is trying to drum up business. Don’t believe that everything you see in a commercial is an accurate depiction of real life.

(I haven’t seen the commercial, though, so I have no idea what the situation they’re depicting is. Is it a nanny check, or something else? It’s not being paranoid to do a background check on a nanny.)

That commercial is really greasy. They’re trying to drum up business by manufacturing fear.

I’d say that we’re too paranoid about the wrong stuff. We’ll post details of our lives on networking websites with nary a thought, but live in fear of the paedophiles and rapists we see behind every bush.

(Massive generalisation there.)

People are paranoid and fearful because the media teaches them to be this way.