Backing up PC games using GAMESXCOPY.

Has anyone used this new software? FYI, this is a program recently released by 321 Studios (the same that made DVDXCOPY) that supposedly will allow you to make playable backups of PC games. It sounded like a great investment since I just dropped $80+ on Battlefield Vietnam and Far Cry, and it would be a big loss to have one of those scratched (I’ve been playing both a lot so there’s a lot of switching in and out of my CD drive). So, I went out and bought it but I haven’t been able to make a working copy. I can copy a game disc (after ignoring many many “defective sectors”), but when I try to start the game with the backup in the drive, the program hangs on the splash screen. However, I do not get the “Please insert correct CD-ROM message”.

Anyone use GAMESXCOPY? Had any luck backing up either of these games, or any others?

Good luck getting an answer here. I could tell you, but the mods here aren’t cool with what you want to do - making a copy of a game - even if it’s for legitimate purposes. Having said that. you might want to look into using disc images - they’re far faster than any CD-ROM disc and you can make backups any time you want.

There is nothing illegal about using a legal copy of gamesxcopy for personal use only… is there?

I’ve seen some comments about how the copies don’t always play, yadda yadda, but they were all filled with “GamesXCopy is teh suxx0rs” and suchlike so I had to quit reading them.

I’ve not used it, but I’m not dropping the cash until I see if it actually works.


Note that GamesXCopy only works on “virtually” any PC Game.

The users guide (see link on right side of that page) says:

There’s also this:

Apparently you can do that in the US, assuming you currently own the software (and aren’t just borrowing it or renting it or have now sold your copy). Also, you would only be able to install the game on one machine at a time, so if you had 5 computers and you want to install it on all 5 of them, you’d need to buy 5 copies of that game.

We will not help you defeat copyguard.

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