Backyard Mailbox

My neighbor (standoffish type, uncommunicative, etc.) put up a regulation type mailbox and post.
In the middle of his BACKYARD! don’t want to ask.

Why would anyone, in their right mind do that?

What for?

To keep garden tools in?

A bird attraction of some sort is my guess.

Birdhouse was my guess, but probably more likely to attract squirrels.

There are a bunch of possible reasons, some given above by others, for non-postal reasons for erecting a mailbox elsewhere than at roadside.

However, I’ll give you another, postal, one. When a family is on a rural route and one or more of the resident adults are disabled to the walks-with-difficulty level, the postal service will be amenable to mounting a mailbox adjacent to the driveway and near to the house. The mailman will drive down the driveway to deliver the mail; the householder can easily get the mail from the driveway-side mailbox, without the possible hundred-yard difficult walk to the roadside. My landlord and another neighbor fall in the “partially disabled/walks with difficulty” category, and the postal service has been more than willing to assist.

We’ve got a mailbox nailed to a tree in out back yard - about 25 feet up. We assumed it was to serve as a birdhouse. The Easts were big into birdhouses. Among other things.

So my guess would be that it’s bird related.

I recycled my old mailbox to become a backyard garden tool holder. The flag’s up all the time but no one picks up any mail. :slight_smile:

Maybe it’s for snail mail.

Back home, some fella that lived out in the country built a giant mailbox, waaay to high for a postman to reach, out in his yard. Peoples is weirdy.

There was a guy who did that near my grandparents’ old lake house. On the side, in stick-on letters, it said “AIR MAIL”. There was a regular-height box next to it that was actually for receiving mail.

As a kid, I thought the air mail idea was kind of cute.

Now that is quite reasonable and useful.

I’ve seen this type on the roadside too. :smiley:

May have to wait and see what else turns up.

There’s one here in Long Valley, NJ. It says “2nd floor apartment” :smiley:


rural route carriers rock when you get a good one. I had a visit from the cops when I had pneumonia and didnt bother leaving to go out to get the mail for about 4 days, and wasnt up to sitting at my desk and playing on the computer [she saw the mail building up, and hadnt seen me at my desk and was worried that something happened, she knew that mrAru was out to sea for a long cruise.]

Hello!? Bugs Bunny! Duh!

You see some neat ones once in a while. I’ve seen a silo, a farmer on a tractor, a corn stalk with the corn exposed, and a rose.

Sorry no winning suggestions. Never thought of this.
He recently had a tree cut down and the stump ground out.
Mailbox & Post set about where the old tree was.
Hung a hammock from existing tree & hook and screwed a hook in the the backside of the post.
The post and mailbox have now turned about 80 degrees and is 25 to 30 degrees out of plumb. :rolleyes:

He might be a serial killer of postal carriers. The job is a whole lot easier if they walk themselves into the abduction zone.

Ok. I never saw that one coming.

Latest wrinkles:
Added guy wires to hold post in position.
Mounted a wooden hopper type bird feeder on top so he can watch the birds.
Squirrels sit on top of feeder and feast & gorge themselve on the birdfeed. :rolleyes:

I hate it when those damn birds steal from my skwirl feeder!

There used to be a guy in Sydney who had an old red telephone box (ours used to be UK-style) with the phone and rear wall removed. He installed this right at his front gate, so you had to open the door of the phone box to enter the property.

He was a well-known lunatic though.