Bacon extremism has won.

Dammit there is no more Big Bacon Classic. :frowning: Does society not understand the harmony in a balanced bacon approach?

I loved the BBC, I have had them for years. But now it is gone and the only options for baconing a burger are the Baconator which is more than a burger needs(and no veggies), or none ,which is less than burger needs.

I tried to negotiate a configuration of either a baconator with one layer of bacon replaced by veggies and sauce or a classic double with bacon. But either the rules, or the order taker’s grasp of English made it impossible.

Burger King will do it your way.

That was what I always ordered at Wendys as well but in my area it has been gone since they introduced the Baconator a couple of years ago. I went to getting the double cheeseburger. Traded pig for more cow :slight_smile:

There is a local burger joint here that serves every burger they make with bacon. You have to request NO BACON, and I suppose there are weirdos out there who do that.

raises hand Yep, that’s me. I like bacon. But don’t let it touch my burgers.

Sign me up on this. I loved the big bacon classic. Now, granted, with my dietary changes, chances are I couldn’t budget one even if they -were- available, but I do kinda find the baconator to be a bit of a monstrosity. We get it. The public likes bacon. It likes other things, too!

Whatever you do, do not Google images of BBC.

This is why you should always carry your own bacon.

Psssttt…I hear on the black market you can trade your extra bacon for some lettuce and tomato :slight_smile:

Can’t you just add bacon to a Classic Double? Won’t that essentially be what the BBC was?

I like the Baconator, so I’m not too upset with the loss of the Big Bacon Classic, though I can understand why you would dislike it and miss the veggies and such.

I’m far more disappointed about the change to their fries. They were nice and big and fluffy before, now they leave the skin on and they’re too crunchy and salty. Boo. At least BK improved their fries recently.

Can’t you just get the Son of Baconator