Bacon futures and Christmas cards

Bacon is like $6.00 + a pound around here regular price

time to invest in hog futures!
Has there been a discussion about how many cards you send and what you receive?

Each year, my receives decline and a few years back I stopped sending as many…I’m at less than 10 right now, I sent out 30-32. :smack:

These people are not on the computer so they cant claim that excuse…cheap ass turds. :mad:

How about you? :smiley:

I love to get cards! Especially the sparkly glittery ones!

I got my dog bacon and apple chews for Xmas.

But no card. By the time she got the envelope open, the card would be in shreds too.

What about a card made of bacon? Sparkly, glittery bacon?

I love it when bacon sparkles and glitters, especially this time of year.

If you’re keeping count of how many cards you send, and how many you receive, I think you’re missing something.

Is your motivation in sending the cards to send season greetings to those you care for? Or to get a card back?

If the first, why do you care? If the second, why do you bother?

My grandparents sent out 21 and recieved 19. I sent out 10 and got 6. I send a few to the same people every year, and one to anyone else that gives me one.

As for the bacon, I rarely buy it, so I probably would never have noticed any increase in price.

well Mr Grinch/bah humbug/Scrooge…:smiley:

I love cards. I love to send them out. I would like my friends to go to the same trouble…friends and relatives.

I’m not into gift giving or RATHER Gift GETTING

Christmas is about the lights, decorations, music, the hustle and bustle, SNOW if it ever got here, and the magic that is Christmas and it includes pretty cards.

I put it all away after Christmas except for the cards, I keep them out for a while. I believe Christmas and giving should be year round.

So I dont think I missed the purpose. :slight_smile: But thanks for the happy thoughts :dubious:

I love cards too! I send over 60. Most years I make my own. I have every Christmas card I’ve ever been sent somewhere in a trunk in my attic. (One day I’ll devise a craft, I swear!)

But never once did it occur to me, in all those years of sending, to tally up how many I received as a ratio of how many I sent.

I make and send them because I enjoy doing so and wish to reach out with greetings to those I care about.

What could keeping score accomplish or imply?

I don’t understand why I’m the grinch for not understanding the need to keep score? Surely the score keeping one is more Grinchlike.

Keep your :dubious:, my happy thoughts are sincere. As are my wishing you and my loved ones Merry Everything and Happy Always! :smiley: