BACON...The New Hate Crime!

You can have kosher salt or bacon salt, your choice.

Bacon salt is kosher.

What a country!

Hmmm. So if it where a pet store owned by Jews or Muslims they would have used Beggin’ Strips?

This sounds like someone was really intoxicated and trying to be funny. Only a drunk would use the world “chump”.

Well, when I was at Vanderbilt, some drunken frat boys decided it owuld be un to put a severed, bloody pig’s head on a stick in front of the on-campus vegetarian cafe. But they erred and accidentally put in front of the Schulam Center for Jewish Life instead. I thought that was pretty funny. (Story)

How in the heck did they get those two confused? Was it called the Schulam Center for Jewish Rye Bread Cafe?

That’s what makes it funny. (Though the buildings are right next door.)

I wish someone would deface ME with bacon…

That’s what SHE said.