BACON...The New Hate Crime!

Apparently a mosque in Florence, South Carolina was defaced…with bacon.

While I do think that what the perpetrator(s) did was wrong, I can’t help but find this story amusing.

I mean, if you’re going to deface something, do it with bacon!

I wonder if the villian also egged the local Catholic church, then toasted his evangelical pastor?

Defaced with uncooked bacon = Hate crime.

Defaced with cooked bacon, slightly crisp and no uncooked fat = Love crime.


I knew this thread would get a little traction!


I cannot support this blasphemy. Such a waste of bacon.

Would anyone think it was funny if it had been done to a synagogue?

Yup, or a church, or anywhere. And FTR, I don’t think its funny so much as just…amusingly in step with the SDMB’s fascination with bacon in general.

The way it was described in the news story? Sure. They spelled out “pig” and “chump” in bacon on a walkway. That’s amusing no matter where it was done. It’s also a waste of bacon, and for that the miscreant should be flogged!

Yes. The intent is mean, but the execution is totally ridiculous. Even the guy who found the bacon said he thought it was a joke at first.

It’s not rape if you yell surprise.

It was when he brought it home.

So the crime the perpetrators will be charged with Blaspheming Against Cultures Opposing Nitrites, eh?

This is so wrong. How can anyone misuse the miracle of bacon for evil?

Hell yes.

It would be just as funny, and at the same time just as wrong.

I mean, seriously - the worst they could think of was “pig chump”? Chump? People still say chump?

Yeah it seems like they said to themselves “hey we still have lots of bacon left over! What’s a word that’s easy to spell with just strips of bacon, but still offensive? I know, CHUMP!” PIG CHUMP looks like something you’d be able to spell on an Elbonian calculator or something.

This was almost as funny as when somebody put a lottery ticket in the collection plate of our Methodist church. For crying out loud, the only things the Methodists are supposed to be against are gambling and booze. I’m surprised our perp didn’t put a beer can in there too.

I’m Jewish and I’d still find it pretty darned funny.

That just isn’t kosher.