"I'm glad they killed Jesus"....No Shit Dumfuck!!

Stupid fucks.
If you’re going to vandalize a sacred shrine take the time to prepare. I dunno, like maybe run the list of possible desecrations past the english teacher at your local public school beforehand. Or drag a dictionary with for possible last minute changes or impromtu.

Such wit as, “Hell will Rule!”, “Hail Satin”, and “I’m glad they killed Jesus” was spray painted on various religious elements.
I’m no Sherlock, but I could deduct the following from the limited amount of reporting in the article;
High school level ‘cleverness’ of graffiti,
Low acedemic achiever in english and writing classes (I submit Satin (sic)),
Non-parochial education (I further submit, “I’m glad they killed Jesus”, intended without the ironic implications, I’m sure).
I could have raced over to the nearest highschool and grabbed about ten kids that fit this description. But the cops didn’t even need to do this.

And for God’s sake, don’t return the scene of the crime with your buddies hours later to show of your handiwork. It’s like laying rubber and then making a u-turn to look at the tire marks on the pavement while the cops show up.

Then, don’t fall for the simplest trick in the police handbook,

::…must not tempt Gaudere by going for the cheap laugh…::

I believe that you are correct.

I suspect that their poor spelling is to blame for this tragic mistake: They thought they were Santa’s little helpers…

No, by all means. :wink:
Don’t hold yourself back.

Maybe they just really like smooth sheets.

It’s instances like this one that make me yearn for the term “hard labor” in court sentences. Make them clean it up. All of it. With toothbrushes and Bon-Ami. While bus-loads of children from the local schools taunt them and spit on them.

Then break their index fingers.

My hatred for vandals runs deep, it does.

Maybe they’ll get satin sheets in the county jail?

I wonder what satan sheets would feel like.

Old and Scratchy, obviously.

Now that’s an Odd level of Hell: Prison Nights in White Satin… (never reaching the end?)

All hail the Dark Lord 100 Thread Count Cotton!!

Well, that’s the Christian hell. The muslin hell is a bit rougher. :smiley:


Wonder if their heaven has blankets with 72-count virgin wool. :wink:

[Ed McMahon]


[/E McM]

Naah - amputate their opposable thumbs; they don’t deserve to own them.

If they weren’t already dickless, I’d suggest a penectomy or three.

The last time I suggested that penalty for taggers and vandals I got a world of flak from some here, accusing me of all sorts of base motivations. So I modified my sentiments a bit this time. But down deep I agree with you.

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This last link tells the story of a good community.

What a bright and shining future these two lads have. The best punishment would be for them to meet a bunch of similar punks right after purchasing their very first car.

“No remorse?”

OK, no more thumbs. These scumbags need to be removed from the gene pool, before they breed. Where’s a WeedWhacker?

That would be lovely.

Funny as hell! OMG spelling! Thank you for this wonderful post.