I threw away bacon today. . .

. . .and I’m so ashamed. Who knew that fenugreek + bacon = FAIL? It was so good on the sauteed chicken the other night, and it’s supposed to be a winner with roast pork. But on bacon, it develops a nasty, bitter flavor. Must be the nitrites or whateve curing substance they use in the bacon, but it was inedible. Never thought I would see the day when bacon would not be my friend.

I need some quiet time now.

I am beyond sad.

I’m am saddened to learn of your loss. :eek:

They say that there are worse things than death, surely this is one of them.

I think you should go sit in the corner and think about what you did and pray for your soul.

But your going to hell can be a silver lining for the rest of us. Maybe we can all share recipes that make bacon taste bad to save the lives of future bacon from being tossed out due to ignorance.

My contribution:

Asparagus is a dirty filthy whore of a plant but one day the TV, which usually doesn’t lie to me, said that if you cook asparagus wrapped in bacon it tastes yummy. So I tried it. It didn’t make the asparagus taste better it made the bacon taste worse so I had to throw the child of satan away. After that I said my Hail Mary’s and prayed for repentance. I only hope the All Mighty will show mercy on me.

I’m volunteering in a research library today, so sudden snorts of laughter are generally frowned upon.

Yes bacon is the perfect food but it can only do so much for other foods. It can take other meats that extra distance, from good to great, and it can turn neutral vegetables like lettuce into actual food. But please folks, trying to make bacon itself taste better by messing with the seasoning is just plain hubris. If it didn’t already taste perfect it wouldn’t have been labeled BACON.

I see bacon wrapped asparagus sometimes. How bad does something have to taste before a chef says to himself: maybe I can get someone to eat it if I wrap it in bacon.

Disparage not thy asparagus, for it is divine.

But this one time? In a Spokane airport bar?

I was hanging out with my sister, brother, and sister-in-law. My brother wouldn’t let me order a drink. Instead he whispered my drink to the waitress. What she brought me was a glass of beer…

…and tomato juice.

hides underneath the desk in the fetal position, and prays for a savior to come

Don’t speak ill of the Red Eye, for it’s a perfectly acceptable way to get through beer that you might otherwise feel bad about drinking.

A picture worth a thousand words. Safe for work (and libraries). :smiley:

It’s not the beer that I felt bad about drinking.

I bought bacon today, so I have redeemed the OP. The universe is in balance again.


Bartending in Kansas, I didn’t believe them the first time someone ordered this (a red beer). I had to get a second opinion and still though it was a joke until I got the money and saw him drink it.

zomg - ty ty ty! I was so scared there for a while.:frowning:

I can’t say it’s all that awesome in beer, though. Admittedly I tasted a lot more of the “fire roasted” part than the “asparagus” part, so it tasted more like a lightly lemony rauchbier with some unidentified herbal background to it than “omg asparagus?!” beer.

It’s a Bloody Mary with beer. What’s so strange about that? At least one major US brewer actually cans the stuff.

Add a little hot sauce and I call it an Ojo Rojo.

shiftless: normally, a little pepper is all I add. Occasionally chili spices when making breakfast burritos. Lesson learned.

Wuss. Where is your sense of adventure? I LOVE beer and tomato juice. It’s suppose to be served with pepper on top so maybe you missed out on the proper taste.

… and Worcestershire, hot sauce, and lime – well, if you’re going the michelada route (or at least the tomato-juice variation of the michelada.)

Bacon is fine, but I fail to understand the near religious devotion to this cured foodstuff. Cheese and sausage are far better than bacon.

Now to quickly exit the thread before a torch-wielding mob strings me up.

I have not even bothered to read the thread after seeing the title. A poster named “Chefguy” throwing away bacon? Outrageous. Next thing you know, dogs will start falling from the sky like rain.